My Olympus OMD EM10

I once was proudly of being a second owner of a pre-loved Olympus camera and loved playing with it till one day, it dropped onto the floor from a portable shelf which my hub was trying to move.

I was sad! Quickly send it for repair and took like 3 weeks long to change the LCD screen. Though it works fine, there are some areas that was rough on the edges which makes it a little ugly.

The worst thing that happened after that was the WiFi does not work anymore! I was pretty dismayed that my once perfect camera is no longer perfect anymore.

I thought of selling away but I may not have a camera for quite some time if I do that. But again I have no time for photography hobbies currently.

Should I see or keep it still?

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3 is enough

Every now and then, I have people asking me if No. 4 is on the way, my initial response would be, “do I look that pregnant to you?”

Though the temptation to have No. 4 is great, but I always try to self- talk and putting positive thinking in me. First of all, if ever we are doing to have a vote on some matters, there would always be an odd – whereby majority would win. Secondly, a sedan car would cater to 5 people exactly. Thirdly, my kids are already at least 4 years old.. I have a bit of more freedom and I can fulfil my dreams and studies. Fourthly, no one can guarantee No.4 is a girl and lastly, my three kids 💖 one another, though they will dote on the last kid, but ultimately, I think their age gap are quite close and they are used to their existence for so long. Who knows if No.4 comes out, they may have an age gap. 

In conclusion, no No.4. But if one day I am blessed with one, I will still accept it as it comes and try my best to be provide infant care again. 🙂
Even the common seats comes in 5! 🙂
Just nice for 5//

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Thoughts on being parents

Being a mom is no easy task. Being a mommy-to-be was also a heavy responsibility. The child is shared, so you are carrying on behalf of your husband. So little gritty things that happen, off to the hospital. There comes the birth of the child. For the next 1 year, you would be shouldering the responsibility of her daily living activities, basically it’s the necessity of life. Air, Food and Poo.

Making sure, the baby is breathing good air that is not toxic to him.

Making sure, the food or we should say milk must be of goooood quality- in this case, breast milk….

Making sure the poo that comes out must be soft, yellowish-yet not watery.

These are some brief description what is going on for that year. Subsequently, when the big 1 is over, the naughty 2s, the adorable 3s sets in. That is a real test of patience of the parents. Some parents just snapped…and it’s a good thing if the dad is around. Though a mom is noble, but the presence of dad is something that I cannot get over with. He is not there every time, but yet, it does make a difference when the kids are asked to be quiet ny him. Unlike the mom, who have to keep asking the kids to keep quiet. That’s unfair right?

These next 4 years (till the kid is 5), spells trouble. In the sense that the kids’ health should be kept to an optimum. The period that kids can easily get themselves infected with ridiculous germs and sort of sick. They easily get themselves injured as they still have not developed their judgement.  The poor mom, especially will be taking the graveyard shift once again, on top of the day work she has to do when the kid is down with a sickness.

With each 5 years, it is a different journey for the parents. My 8 years of parenting (with the last one reaching 5 this year), it’s going to be a closure of the first 5 year period. I would definitely miss these 5 years too as it means lesser hugs, kisses from the little ones when they are over 5 years old.

A new learning journey is gonna start soon. It is never the same, parenting a set of 3 kids (between 1-4 years old) vs (5-8 years old).




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Daily Prompt: Voice Work

If my blog is ever to be recorded into an audiobook, I would choose my daughter to do it for me.


This blog is dedicated to my family and when she reads aloud my blog, she will know what I have experienced and the kinds of joys, sadness, whatever in my life journey.

She would know my love and the hard work I have put into building this family.

How about you? If your blog is to be recoreded into an audiobook, who is it going to be? Interested in participating in this daily prompt?

Click here.

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Little Moments: Boy next door

As the boy was leaning against the wall outside the school on a sunny day, I had the urge to take a photo of him. Here, he was…did not utter a word and just looking around his surroundings.

I wonder what were his thoughts were….

is mummy and daddy bringing me somewhere?

what are we going to eat?

What toys should I buy?


Boy next door

My little young boy is having so many thoughts, random as well….

Glad to take this shot of him, in his own world.

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What I want for 2016

What I want for 2016.
An organised, thinking brain, more alert.

Less caffeine intake, more water intake

Stop procrastinating (haha…many years of resolution – still not so effective)

Weight Management, healthy body

Good working partners!

Smooth travel overseas and be safe!

Happy family!
Pay Raise (for the multiple roles I am juggling)

Less expenses (how is it possible?)

Catch up with old friends (especially my Ultimate 9)

For now, my wish list is like this. How about yours? 

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A Brand New Start

A few months, or probably many moons ago, I decided to call it quits after I could not maintain my Skyzcandies site as I was so busy with my work.

Numerous times, my heart itched to go back to blogging but the brain told me not to do so as I do not have time on my hands to play with. Moreover, there isn’t anything for me to blog about and who cares to read about my blog. It’s a dead end anyway.

After pondering for a long long time, today, while I was doing my work, my hands started itching again and there I was, trying to find a new domain name!

Surprisingly, the domain name was not taken and I quickly signed up for it. Happy as I was, but yet, I have concerns whether I could upkeep the blog or not.

That was the first thing on my mind.

Secondly, do I want to import my old entries back to this blog? Seriously, a big part of it since, 2008. I am still thinking about it since I guessed many photos would not be available already and I would think it would be good to start a new one.Perhaps, as times go by, I might recall certain details and blog about it. It would be neat.

Thirdly, I have decided. Whether anyone is or not reading my blog, it’s not gonna be a big issue to me as my plan is to give me a virtual space for me to pen down my thoughts and perhaps, some events/happenings for me to write about so that, in future years to come, it would re-live some of my memories. Well, you never know, when amnesia could come knocking on your door. Or perhaps, dementia……

Oh wells! 😀

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