I am not totally a perfectionist or a meticulous person.

However, when it comes to gadgets stuff, I tend to like all things beautifully crafted out, such as a handphone case where transparent types are concerned. A little scratch on it or a little chip will make me feel unsettled and not wanting it even.

I am the typical Singaporean if things are not 100% perfect, I want to do a one to one exchange or refund.

Last Saturday, I went to get an iPhone 6S + case as the old iPhone 6+ transparent casing does not fit at all. I went to a nearby neighbourhood shopping mall and got a hard transparent casing with nice ponies as the design. I did not care that much then as I was hurrying home.

A snapshot of the backdesign of the casing

After settling my kids, I decided to change the casing and that was when I detected a small chip at the sides of the casing.

The one encircled- the chipped!

Me: “do you think I should get it change, dear?”

hubb: “up to you, you can change it tomorrow if you want”.

Me: “but its really a small chip…if you were me, will you change?”

hubb: “no. because it is not really obvious”.

At this time, I went to examine further and decided to change the casing.

After changing to the new casing, I showed to hubby that the chip cannot be seen very well but when you handle the casing, you can feel the chip.

I began to ask myself this question….

“So what if it’s chipped? If it served my purpose, its ok. For the amount of petrol and carpark fees incurred, it would not be worth it. Also, if I do not want this casing, poor “fella” would have to be a condemned item and forever be “banished” to the storeroom/trashroom whatever it is. Hence, I decided to take the challenge of not changing it and using it as though it’s a perfect product.

Today is the 5th day of using the casing…so far so good! I am learning to accept flaws.

This applies to parenting as well. Our kids may not be a 100% perfect, ideal kid. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses too and as parents, we need to embrace all of these. Strengthen the strengths and convert weaknesses to strengths.

All of us have a flaw….as long as the flaw is not of any evil intention or harm to society, we can accept that and have to live with it. If its changeable, why not?

Children are innocent beings and are special gifts. As parents, we are their first models so that they learn and adapt themselves to their surroundings. Hence, I believe the upbringing and nurturing are of great importance. I am not a great parent and still learning through this journey. But I will always pause and reflect back on the little decisions and examine the impact that it had on the children. Learn from it, and seek the best alternative for the best choice.


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