Out of the Vox: Up the lorry

Well, anyone knows the meaning of “Up the lorry?”

In our Asian context, especially the Chinese in Singapore, when we say “somebody up the lorry already” it literally means that the person has died. (Sorry for the use of Singlish).

This conversation was between my hubby and sonny Ien. Yeah this young chap can talk things which surprise us from time to time.

Hubby was driving one day…

Hub: “Jia lat, up the lorry” (means Damn, die!)

Well, he was sharing with me, he was mentioning something and the words just came out like that….

Ien was sitting at the back of the car.

Ien: “Dad, which type of lorry do you want? They are many…”

Hub: *Speechless!

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Out of the Vox: Episode

Dear sonny Ien was watching TV one day and I think the series he was watching at that point of time was “Angry bird”.

Me: “Hey, Ien, finished, I can switch off the TV now”.

Ien: “Mum, next episode, please”.

Me: “What? Episode?”

I am alarmed by the vocabulary he is absorbing from school everyday. I remembered the word “episode” was still foreign to me when I was in secondary school. I even had problem with the pronunciation. “epi-so-de”…”ep-iso-de” What?!

I must definitely learn more to cope with the increased use of vocabulary by the kids.

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