Daily Prompt: Naked with black socks

Today’s daily prompt :

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Years ago, if I were to asked to do public speaking, I would hide in the bathroom as I have stage phobia. Standing and speak in front of people with hundreds or even thousands of eyes looking and scrutinizing me, it just makes me feel uneasy.

I remembered when I was back from my advanced studies, I was asked by my ward manager one day to present on the new workflow of documentation. It was just like one to two weeks before the presentation. I don’t know why…but I agreed.

The day before, I was quite jittery. I felt like taking sick leave but I know I would disappoint my ward manager. I did not rehearse but just kept staring at the 6-7 pages of documentation, to look through the flow. Yup, nor did I go through the powerpoint as it was supposed to be page by page document- exactly the same as the hard copy.

Did i forgot to say I have to present twice on the same week??

Time came, I presented. I calmed my nerves by cupping over my hands. Ugh…hope to finish it fast.

A few questions were asked by the higher management, the people I meant were the senior ward managers and a few assistant directors. Phew! Managed to answer their questions. The rest of the 100 plus odd staff just did not not move….but kept staring at either me or the powerpoint.

The second time of presentation was much better but still, I was jittery. Yeah, past…it’s all past. My ward manager was glad the presentations went smoothly.

I prayed for a “no more next time”.

Fast foward two to three years later, I got myself a new job.

A lecturing position….What did I get myself into??

Very soon, I was asked to deliver lectures to my nursing students and it’s for over a few weeks topic.

I remembered my hands were cold while fixing up the AV system.

My mind was like in a blur state….

“must remember to say this point” (I even brought my notes down)

“must not be nervous”

There was a rostrum in the theatre! For comfort and safety purpose, I stood behind the rostrum and delivered the lecture. I was really shaky… I can still remember the little shivering heart beat I had….I asked for feedback from my students, they commented that I did not look nervous but there were some unclear points which I evaluated and hope to make it clear to them next time.

As days, weeks, months and years passed by….I do lectures while walking around, capturing the students’ eyes and get their attention. If their attention was not with me, I would ask questions.

In short, I gained confidence and classroom/ lecture room control. Now, I am not very shy or nervous in front of an audience.


I am not very sure why the daily prompt had this black socks…but they have explained what the prompt was about….so, now my question to you…

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Join in the daily prompt and make a post and remember to put a link back to the original post here.

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Daily Prompt: Voice Work

If my blog is ever to be recorded into an audiobook, I would choose my daughter to do it for me.


This blog is dedicated to my family and when she reads aloud my blog, she will know what I have experienced and the kinds of joys, sadness, whatever in my life journey.

She would know my love and the hard work I have put into building this family.

How about you? If your blog is to be recoreded into an audiobook, who is it going to be? Interested in participating in this daily prompt?

Click here.

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At attempt to make fried crabsticks

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I have to admit, it is usually the times where goodies are presented on the dining table. Each of the family members have always got this temptation to finish up the whole container. Especially hot favourites like potato sticks, cuttlefish, love letters and arrowheads. The goodies can cost a lot and crabsticks like this is sold for like $8 for a container, depending on the place you buy.

I recently found a recipe (forgot the link of the blog). It was very simple to make fried crabsticks usually the air fryer. A little oil needed. Moreover, the total cost is less than $3/- for a small container.

All you have to do is to shred the crabstick into shreds, like 0.5cm in breadth. Mix it well with a little bit of sesame oil and there, you go just put it into the air fryer for like 10 mins. Remember to toss a few times like 3 mins, 3 mins, 4 mins intervals. It was interesting to know that, while it is being fried, the crabsticks are also flying about. I noticed a few strips were actually out of the basket.

I did not capture the tossing quite well as seen on the picture below.

Crab sticks

How was your attempt? Do share with me your outcome of the fried crabsticks.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

This week photo challenge is about vibrant colors. Some of the globe are covered with snow, hence, hoping my photo will keep the winter at bay and bring warmth to people who sees this picture.

Vibrancy of colours amidst the greens

These flowers are outstanding amidst the greens and bring out hope for the others. Don’t you agree?

Do you want to join the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant? If yes, please click this link for more details.

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A simple meal to start the day

This is one of my usual breakfast sets.

I used to 💖 it with Kaya and butter but as I grow older, I prefer it to be plain toast and dip in the half boiled egg seasoned with dark soy sauce.

Not forgetting my favorite tea with milk.

I can eat this for days…

How about you? What’s your daily morning fix?

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Inspired by…. Readers

I have been participating in a blogging community which encourage us to take a step in visiting other blogger’s blog and leave comments if we can share their sentiments. Well, WordPress reader enables us to search for blogs and I decided to type in words like “nurse”, “Blythe”, “parenting” and more and hopes to read other’s experiences. One of the words I typed was Singapore and it churned out a number of entires with the word Singapore on it. It led me to a reader’s blog, Alexander who is currently studying in Singapore.

He left his comments and told me he like my “about me” section as I have multiple roles to play and commented this…

“we play so many roles in our so complex world, that it’s important not lose your Self behind these roles”

This left me thinking over last night and indeed, it nailed into my heart. Sometimes, while performing the roles, I have dilemmas and sandwiched between or even among the roles. I have to weigh the pros and cons and settle for the best one which in turn, would override some of my principles and family values and start having conflicts.

Self? I lost it.

Hubby always reminded me of our family values and principles, but on the other hand, I have my parents. Really, it’s hard to say out at times, I am still learning how to be more assertive and maintain myself (which can be very difficult and situations are tricky).



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Out of the Vox: Tree

Last week, my boys were watching the new Chinese New Year songs on YouTube and there was a new compilation for 2016.

Hub was watching half way and signalled me to the direction of the boys who were paying extreme attention to the tv screen. 

Well, their faces were smiling away when they saw the ladies singing. Out of curiosity, hub asked who were their dream girls.

Hub: “so DS, who is your dream girl?”

DS: *face smiling away* “I don’t know”.

Hub: “really don’t know?”

DS: *shrugged his shoulder*

Hub: “hey, DI, who is your dream girl?”

DI: “three”

Hub was taken aback and told me there were 3 ladies singing and said “wow, all three, so greedy”.

DI: “no, no, tree…. There, the tree”

Hub: *speechless*

The next day, we managed to find out that one of the girls was his favourite. So we wondered what is his meaning of the three or tree.

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Ethics conference

Today is the 2nd day of conference and all of us are sharing about our thoughts and views on “living matters”. It is rather an interesting topic to me as I have always like to learn things about end of life issues and communication among the family, healthcare personnel and most importantly, the one who is usually cast out- the patient. In this conference, each of us have the chance to put ourselves in the shoes of the patient and express what and how we feel. Would it be a good idea to ignore the patient’s wish and go ahead with the family…and the dilemmas we faced when given a complicated real case study.


 Overall, it’s a great learning experience and getting to know other people from other countries. To me, it seems that we really have lots of views to exchange.

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Balancing act

As I am typing this post, I am in the midst of balancing myself in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train- Singapore’s one choice public transport system.

It’s not an everyday affair that I get to take the MRT as usually I drive. However, I need to go for a conference at the other side of Singapore that I decided to take the MRT, less petrol usage and car park issues.

My balancing act today….

This just etched my memory as a student last time, there was no poles or hand handlers to hold on to in the  crowded MRT.

Will I be able to balance myself well as last time?
Yes I am able to, thank God!

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I am not totally a perfectionist or a meticulous person.

However, when it comes to gadgets stuff, I tend to like all things beautifully crafted out, such as a handphone case where transparent types are concerned. A little scratch on it or a little chip will make me feel unsettled and not wanting it even.

I am the typical Singaporean if things are not 100% perfect, I want to do a one to one exchange or refund.

Last Saturday, I went to get an iPhone 6S + case as the old iPhone 6+ transparent casing does not fit at all. I went to a nearby neighbourhood shopping mall and got a hard transparent casing with nice ponies as the design. I did not care that much then as I was hurrying home.

A snapshot of the backdesign of the casing

After settling my kids, I decided to change the casing and that was when I detected a small chip at the sides of the casing.

The one encircled- the chipped!

Me: “do you think I should get it change, dear?”

hubb: “up to you, you can change it tomorrow if you want”.

Me: “but its really a small chip…if you were me, will you change?”

hubb: “no. because it is not really obvious”.

At this time, I went to examine further and decided to change the casing.

After changing to the new casing, I showed to hubby that the chip cannot be seen very well but when you handle the casing, you can feel the chip.

I began to ask myself this question….

“So what if it’s chipped? If it served my purpose, its ok. For the amount of petrol and carpark fees incurred, it would not be worth it. Also, if I do not want this casing, poor “fella” would have to be a condemned item and forever be “banished” to the storeroom/trashroom whatever it is. Hence, I decided to take the challenge of not changing it and using it as though it’s a perfect product.

Today is the 5th day of using the casing…so far so good! I am learning to accept flaws.

This applies to parenting as well. Our kids may not be a 100% perfect, ideal kid. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses too and as parents, we need to embrace all of these. Strengthen the strengths and convert weaknesses to strengths.

All of us have a flaw….as long as the flaw is not of any evil intention or harm to society, we can accept that and have to live with it. If its changeable, why not?

Children are innocent beings and are special gifts. As parents, we are their first models so that they learn and adapt themselves to their surroundings. Hence, I believe the upbringing and nurturing are of great importance. I am not a great parent and still learning through this journey. But I will always pause and reflect back on the little decisions and examine the impact that it had on the children. Learn from it, and seek the best alternative for the best choice.


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