OOPs- a lapse of 365dayz+thoughts

Ok,I had a lapse of 365dayz due my forgetfulness.
Will try to get it back on course.

For the past week, I have been doing my supervision in the clinical. A brand new batch- new faces and got to know them.
Got my assessment task 1 result back, well, I have to say for a last minute work, the grade is already satisfying to start with. I cannot imagine how it would be for assessment task 2.

I have been looking for things that I enjoyed when I was a teenager…20 years, wow! times flies…I am trying to re-collect the nice memories and hobbies I enjoyed such as crocheting, manga- especially Sailormoon. The graphics when I browsed through the internet just struck my memory byte in me. How I wish I can go back to those times, carefree, not holding as many responsibilities a now.
Dealing with my three kiddos can be very very tiring. The endless nagging, the constant check on them.
Getting my sanity back often is a must. That’s why I have been looking back at things I enjoyed. At least I feel alive!

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Haiku post

I decided to do a little Haiku after inspired by Kiwinana’s posts.

Late afternoon sun

Shines through the window curtains

Somehow it seems summer

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