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Okie…my domain skyzcandies will be down and I don’t think I will be renewing it for the time being till I feel that my blogging is more frequent.

Hubby thinks it’s a waste of money to spend on the domain, well….

I guess it’s good too, since on, I can continue to go to the reader section to see updates of the people I am following. It will sort of encourage me to blog too, I believe.


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20 vs 30 vs 40 vs 50

While teaching Professional Practice and came across a topic on death… the quality of life… it really is a perspective which relates to age very much. When I was 20, I did not think much but just looking into a new chapter of discovery of life, setting up family, having my own house, crafting a career. When I was 30, it was all about breast milk vs formula feeding, checking out milestones of kids and yes, career is still a part and parcel of life. Hearing from friends about their 40s lifestyle… it seems that everything is all about families and death…. kids are still the topic but less emphasis. Career- have or not is less of a priority as long as one is contented and enough to sustain the family. Those in their 50s are more of finding a niche in the family, hoping their children have more time for them and also having more of their “me” time, re-discovering of new interests, etc and social life. Career is nothing coz that’s also the time where organisation will not place much emphasis on this category of workers.

Life- focus on your family. Focus on yourselves. Work is work, no one is indispensable. At the end of the career, it’s your family whom you want to spend time with. If most part of your family life is spent on work, your family members will not see you as being part of their life.

#lifephilosophy #selfreflectionoflife

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Night thoughts

How I wish I can finish reading up my papers and write my 6000 words assignment. Complete it and that is it. I want to simply enjoy my nov-jan months as it consists of anniversaries, birthdays and Xmas + new year day!

Taking a distance learning programme is definitely tough. Though everyone will think it’s relatively easy but the discipline part is the toughest. No contact hours but requires you to read up articles per week and well, the most dreadful thing is when you fall sick (which currently I am nursing a flu) and the deadline is just 8 days away.

I have emailed my lecturer to inform him about the state I am in. Feeling a bit feverish and a painful throat. I am prepared to lost the 5% of the marks but I am really too tired to read through the night. *dismayed* but what Can I do? Housework+ kids minding+work just suck my energy away.

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Milestone achievement

Young DN has officially graduated from his kindergarten and I have no more young ones in the kindy system. Time flies actually, to see your kids growing up every day. No wonder, friends have been telling me that it’s worthwhile to spend time with your kids when they are below 7 years old. As parents, we should be playing with them, rather than letting them playing by themselves, with us supervising their play. We should not be around them, but present in their lives with them so that they will remember us when they grow older.

I actually do agree with this statement.
I once read a story of how a child who spent his childhood in childcare and when he grew up, he put both his parents in day care. The reason for him putting them in daycare(even though he could afford a helper to tend to their needs) was that he has no time to care for them. That was the same view expressed by his parents when he was a child.

Nevertheless, DN performed his best today and we were delighted with the performance from the children. I did not expect it to be so grand.

DN on the stage receiving his certificate.

Receiving his cert



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Prompt of the Day: Risky

In this chaotic world, I guess it is counted as a blessing when we are still able to wake up from sleep, breathe in fresh air and move from the bed. It is also a blessing to return home safely to be with family.

As the world becomes more risky to live, it is really counting our lucky stars to be able to live, enjoy our lives.

You never know when one gets knock down by a car even if the person has abide by the traffic rules as a pedestrian but the car is driven by a careless driver….

You never know when a person gets choke on food while eating….

You never know when one gets stalked by a stranger, living in fear and might risk losing their lives…

There are many many….”you never know”….

Today, I saw one of the patients who was in her late 40s and came in because of out of hospital VF during a conference. Before that, she was having seizure like symptoms (which is typically one sign exhibited by someone who have VF. She was shocked twice but along the way to hospital, developed PEA.

To cut the story short, even though she has been “saved”, she laid there, blinking her eyes but could not talk, could not hold her bladder or express any emotions. Drs were discussing home care for the patient since her current status requires a full time care-giver.

See….you never know….it’s that risky.

via Daily Prompt: Risky

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With compliments

Lately, I have been tasked to post up compliments of our students which were given by the public. You see, they don’t do much task but rather was present in the cubicle and helping out with very basic care and talking to the patients. That won them compliments.

The other day, I was talking to a good friend that she did something for one family and when they wrote a compliment, it was not addressed to her but more of the drs and team.. and such such….

Reflecting on these, it dawned on me that humans 💖 communicating. We yearn to be heard and comforted. We felt we are present in the world. No matter how much a person sweat over the job or put in how many minutes of their life to carry out the job well, perform the task well, they will never get mentioned. Perhaps the bosses appreciate them, but they will always be seen under as a boss’s team. Workers will always be workers but a worker who dare to speaks and speaks well is seen as a different kind.

Many times, I have seen friends who worked hard but don’t speak well, their progression in their career is generally more slower than those who speaks well. It is the EQ that attracts organisations more than IQ.

I am not one who talks or speaks well, i tend to be more task- oriented and completes my job on time, thus explains the stagnation in the job.

But looking at the overall, there is truth to this.

Therefore, I am going to be more vocal and show my aggression…

ok.. that was meant as a joke…

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