16th Anniversary

Today is our 16th Anniversary. This 16 anniversary marks the date where my husband and I met. 16 years ago, this date coincided with Deepavali.

I remembered that a few days back in 1999, hubby and I have communicated through sms text after he came back from his army trip to Thailand. We arranged to meet up on 7 Nov 1999 at Woodlands- Causeway Point’s Burger King at 2.30pm (if the time is correct). However, I was at my Indian’s friend’s place as she had invited us over for a simple lunch. I was late for our appointment as I left my friend’s house at a later time and I even told my friend that I was meeting him. My friend wished me luck and off I went to meet him at Causeway Point.

When I reached, there was no one in sight. Quickly, I took my phone and texted him where he was. At that time, I saw a middle-aged man took up his phone and read….*my mind went into palpitations…what if it was him, should I run? Those were the questions in my mind.

After a while, a young men dressed in his black armani T-shirt said “hi” to me. Shyly, I introduced myself and we decided to go to Burger King to have a simple tea break but it was full set meals. We chit chat a bit and after finishing our lunch, we decided to walk through Causeway Point mall. We walked past a Neoprint machine ( popular photo taking booth machines in those days) and decided to take a picture of ourselves.

As he had to meet his friends in the evening time, we decided to go back. That was around 5.30pm. We parted ways at the MRT platform and communicated though text. He messaged me that he was sorry that he could not send me home. I told him, it was fine.

At that time, we arranged a time to chit chat in ICQ- 9pm was the chatting session.

Over ICQ, we chatted a bit and he asked me to be his gf.

I thought it was fine and I decided to try, so I agreed. It was not desperate, I swear.

So this is how 16 years ago, we became an item. The journey definitely was not an easy one since we both have our different point of views and ways of doing things.

However, during these 16 years, we know how one thinks/feel…call it telepathy but we felt comfortable being with each other and tries to complete each other sentence without much difficulty.

Happy Anniversary!

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ESD Drama Day

ESD drama day for K1

After weeks of practice in their speech and drama class, our DS has finally got a chance to showcase his acting skills. In his role, he was a wise octopus. He managed to pull off his speech in front of a crowd- made me proud and was cool about it.

A cute purple octopus 😀

However, the headwear was slightly heavy for him, hence he was unable to move freely as he wanted to be for fear of dropping off his props.

Nevertheless, mummy wants to tell you, you are a brave, handsome boy.

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Helping out with housework

When the kids are growing up, they felt that helping out their parents is a great deal to them. This also has the school’s education system to thank for as some of their values is to instill the child about sharing the burden of housework and if everyone gets to do their part, it will relieve their parents’ burden and housework gets to be completed fast.

To me, I am ok for housework to be done by me as I can get quite obsessive about dishes or floor not mopped properly. Especially when they are done by the kids. However, I also know that I have to do away with this mentality or else my kids would not learn how to do a good job. I remembered the times when my mum forbade me to do housework when I was young,even though I was “brainwashed” by the education system to help out doing housework. The only time that I started doing housework was when I was in my teens. By then, I loathed housework, as far as I remembered.

AhGirl has been helping me with some bits of housework lately and this is one of the pictures that I took of her doing the dishes.

She is helping me to do the dishes!

She was happy when she completed and I gave her a “LIKE”.

I must tell myself to learn to appreciate and compliment the kids whenever possible, so that it will motivate them further.

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A Brand New Start

A few months, or probably many moons ago, I decided to call it quits after I could not maintain my Skyzcandies site as I was so busy with my work.

Numerous times, my heart itched to go back to blogging but the brain told me not to do so as I do not have time on my hands to play with. Moreover, there isn’t anything for me to blog about and who cares to read about my blog. It’s a dead end anyway.

After pondering for a long long time, today, while I was doing my work, my hands started itching again and there I was, trying to find a new domain name!

Surprisingly, the domain name was not taken and I quickly signed up for it. Happy as I was, but yet, I have concerns whether I could upkeep the blog or not.

That was the first thing on my mind.

Secondly, do I want to import my old entries back to this blog? Seriously, a big part of it since, 2008. I am still thinking about it since I guessed many photos would not be available already and I would think it would be good to start a new one.Perhaps, as times go by, I might recall certain details and blog about it. It would be neat.

Thirdly, I have decided. Whether anyone is or not reading my blog, it’s not gonna be a big issue to me as my plan is to give me a virtual space for me to pen down my thoughts and perhaps, some events/happenings for me to write about so that, in future years to come, it would re-live some of my memories. Well, you never know, when amnesia could come knocking on your door. Or perhaps, dementia……

Oh wells! 😀

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Out of the Vox: Girlfriend vs Mummy

A conversation I had with my boys on 1st July 2015 before their bedtime.

Oh my… My two boys are sharing with me that there is someone in their class who likes them. 
They also like the girls whom likes them. They are even talking about marrying them. My girl on the other hand, told me that no one loves her and she just smiles. She said she wants to stay with me and daddy forever. So sweet and thoughtful. 
Now my Danson is telling me that he is going to get a big house, move in with the girl and have a car…. Wow! And he said that when the girl go buy nail polish, he wants to accompany her. How about me?!! *sobs sobs*

An update of Dan boy about his 💖 today- 2nd July 2015, 5.45pm
Conversation started when picked him up from the childcare.
Dan: Mummy, the girl want to marry me.
Me: what? You went to ask her to marry you?
Dan: No, I ask her who she want to marry and she said me.
Me: ok…
Went to the car…
Me: so yesterday, you mentioned if she want to go buy nail polish, you will go with her. But what if mummy want to go, will you follow me?
Dan: (thought for a while) we all go together.
Me: No, no, I meant, if she go to another place and I want to go another place, who will you follow?
Dan: I will follow Mummy. But it will be good if we all go together.
Ha… A very clever answer….
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Out of the Vox: Animals knowledge

On the way to Dan’s violin lesson today, Vel started a conversation on animals…

Vel: “Mummy, there is a cockroach in the car when we first bought?”
Me: looking at her in a puzzled expression “no, not at all. When did we see cockroach in the car?” 
She laughed and Dan carried on… 
Dan: “mummy,mummy… Spiders eat cockroaches right?”
This started an interesting thread of Q&A.
Me: “Not in a way, but the thing is small animals will get eaten by big animals, followed by bigger ones and then the biggest one… This is how it works… Well, of course, it also depends whether the animal or insect is sick or weak, if it is … Even the biggest will be eaten by the smallest one….”
Vel: “so the lion will be eaten by the crocodile?”
Me: “hmm… Lions live in the wild grassland where there is little chance for them to see the crocodile unless they are near the river”
Dan: “So the lions will eat the elephant?”
Me: “basically, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras live in the same environment- grassland… So lions will eat them when they are hungry. But not all of them will be eaten by lion unless they are injured, sick or weak. They have the chance to
Escape if possible…
Vel: “you know, Mummy, chameleon change colors? They can change to green, brown or even near to
Mushroom color if they want to….”
Hubby: ” I don’t even know that…”
Me: ” yes, Vel, you are right, they change so that they won’t be recognised by their enemies and won’t get eaten up. So did you know what animal eat the Chameleon?”
Dan: “lion!”
Me: “not exactly… They can climb trees”
Vel: ” yes mummy… Lion cannot
Climb trees but leopard can…”
Me: ” so guess.. Which one will win if the lion and leopard are to run a race?”
Vel: “the lion because he is the king of the grassland”
Me: “although the lion is the king but he may not be necessarily the one to win…Leopard… Because it runs very fast…. Can be up to 100km/h…..”
At this time… Hubby asked me…
Hubb: ” so let’s say we put a lion, leopard, cheetah and a panther together and run a race, which one will win?”
Me: “leopard?”
Hubb: “no, a cheetah. They keep records of the amount of speed they run in the different species”.
Vel: “mummy… Last time elephants are brown in color you know?”
Me:” yes yes!!! Those were during the dinosaur- ice age and they were called Mammoths at that time…and do you know which animal/ insects have been the longest living thing around??”
Dan and Vel were thinking of the answer….
Me: “it’s the cockroach!”
Vel & Dan: “ew!”
Hubb: ” dear.. Your good friend”
I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with them on animals as I love to study about the universe, physics, biology and animals. Most importantly, sharing a meaningful and learning conversation. 
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Out of the Vox: Vel’s confession

Nowadays, I love to converse with Vel. This little girl is starting to talk like an adult sometimes.
The other day, she confided in me that a little boy in her class likes her and the conversation (according to her) goes like this.

Issa: “I like you Vel!”

Vel felt happy and proud. She knows Issa likes her best friend too and she told Issa on his face.

Vel: “You can choose one only”.

Of course aftter that, hubby and I talked to her and told her at this age, she is supposed to learn and not discussion who is liking who….

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Out of the Vox: Despicable ME

Ien started talkilng more after he went into childcare somewhere in August this year. From then on, his library of vocabulary has greatly increased. He loves Minions, yes, you heard it…the little yellow earthlings in Despicable me and of course his favorite song is “Bad bad day” by Pharrell Williams. Whenever the singer starts the word “Despicable Me”. My dear Ien will imitate and said “Despica Mummy”

Oh no! When did I become so Despicable????

When he does sing that, the other two elder siblings just laugh.
*hids face*

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