Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is special because I am a mother. I would also like to wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day. In additional- a dedication of thanks to the lovely mothers who are working as frontliners in view of fighting COVID-19.

Thanks for working and keeping everyone safe. Likewise, refrain from going out and keep safe, everyone.

I cannot imagine the surprise that I will be receiving later. It can also be considered as a gift from hub. Shall reveal the surprise later!

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Some of my students looked upon me as a role model. Some are still in awe about their decision to join the nursing course.

While there are not right or wrong to choose the career path, I believe that the decisions made at the moment were the outcome of something important or impactful. I mean, it’s not easy for everyone to say I want to be a nurse. Most of the time, the people surrounding them may sound doubtful and even put the person down as they don’t see them making it at the end.

It is just like me when I decided to join the nursing course and needed to go for the medical examination, how one doctor mocked at me by telling me I do not do housework and definitely will not make it as a nurse. So many decades have gone by and if the doctor is still around, I just want to tell him, “I am still standing, yeah yeah yeah….”

I still have the passion for nursing, I still want to help people. However, my perspective has changed. With my efforts alone, I can only help a handful of people. Thus right now, being in the education sector, I hope I can inspire more people to be nurses and good ones to be. 🙂

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My Olympus OMD EM10

I once was proudly of being a second owner of a pre-loved Olympus camera and loved playing with it till one day, it dropped onto the floor from a portable shelf which my hub was trying to move.

I was sad! Quickly send it for repair and took like 3 weeks long to change the LCD screen. Though it works fine, there are some areas that was rough on the edges which makes it a little ugly.

The worst thing that happened after that was the WiFi does not work anymore! I was pretty dismayed that my once perfect camera is no longer perfect anymore.

I thought of selling away but I may not have a camera for quite some time if I do that. But again I have no time for photography hobbies currently.

Should I see or keep it still?

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Meant to….

I meant to do a little post yesterday, but I did not realise it’s already Saturday. Pretty much busy the whole day and it was tiring. Had claypot dinner with the hub and kids.

Ien was so cute. The minute he took a spoonful of the claypot rice, he spat out. Why? Because there was salted fish and taiwan sausage in the rice. He disliked these two ingredients. Hub then bought him prawn noodles soup to eat.

I am pretty much a happy woman tonight! Hub gave me his Macbook Pro~ old version. Though it’s a second hand, but it will serve me well as I have tonnes of photos to import and organise. Came on time as the mini macbook’s screen was going to give up. Right now, I am still importing photos…..well, it’s gonna take some time for over 30000 photos and videos in my iphone. :X

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Yesterday was

Lousy… full of issues once I was back to work.

Starting with an 8am class for two hours and my voice also nearly went hoarse. This was followed by a quick lunch break and another 4 hours of class.

I cannot imagine how it will be like for this continuity of lessons but since I planned in such a way, I will have to accept and continue with it. It may be tiring but I am also enjoying the teaching as well, minus all the administrative work.

I just want to pray for a good smooth work flow and less communication issues with colleagues. When communication is not clear, it creates problems. Worse still, they talk behind your back.

I have to watch my back several times a day to ensure I don’t bleed too heavily. 🤣

I believe I will have a better day at work today!

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I can’t bear to…

close my blog.

Firstly, there are many things which I have penned down my life in this blog.

Most of the picture links are still working.

My efforts…

Due to my working commitments, I have neglected this blog much. My followers have also been reduced. I am not someone who blogs by the number of followers I have but it is one of the outlet for me to vent and share things which I 💖 about.

Perhaps, I should get on to follow through my kids’ growing up phases. Ever since they started primary school, I did not really have time to blog about the weekly happenings/ outings with my family. Owells…..I come back again.

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Out of the Vox: Into half

An interesting conversation which happened while I was at the doc with my Ien.

Nowadays, I have to keep a MC- child care sick leave (for myself as company may need it for reference) so I requested for a duplicate but it took some time.

So when I finally got it and was on the way out of the clinic, Ien spoke.

Ien: “so you got the MC?”.

Me: “yeah for work, just in case they want to see it.

Ien: “Cut it into half, can right?”

Me: “How can? The name and BC won’t be reflected and for what should I cut the MC?”

Boy grinned. 🙄

Ien: ” You are going to Sheng Siong right? I go with you to buy grape juice, doc said can drink.”

Apparently when the doc was giving advice to him what can he eat or drink, he said no dairy products. Ien knew I forbade him to take sweetened drinks so he took the opportunity to ask the doc if grape juice was allowed and he was granted so.

Kids nowadays ah….. 😨

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