A Trip to Sentosa

Sentosa is having free admission for locals from 4- 10 September 2017. Well, since it was the term break, we decided to bring the kids there and have some fun exploring.

The weather was very hot and humid but we tried to complete our little exploration.

It has been some time since we last visited Sentosa. Many changes and so far, the minimum change is to the beach: Palawan & Siloso (many happenings there).

AS decided to bring her bubble stick and played with it.

AS playing with her bubble stick
The kiddos posed for me
An individual shot


The most southern point
Hot Day!
Random shot
Look at DSS who was filled with excitement

We decided to take the free shuttle service as we were tired after a long walk. We alighted at Beach Station to take a Sentosa Express to Imbiah station. We wanted to have KFC for our lunch. After that, we proceeded to take the cable car ride from there to Siloso Beach Cable car station.

Their first cable car ride
Hope they are not afraid of heights
At the highest point
Over there are Vivocity & HarbourFront
Ships were “parking”
Shangri-La Resort is just over there
Oops I caught the reflection on the glass


We alighted and went past the Sandstation. Due to the hot weather and hubby’s not intereted in the sand, we did not go for the exhibition.

The tentage of the SandStation which is on exhibition now
Another view of Siloso Beach


A closer look of SandStation

As we were walking back to the carpark, several army planes flew by.

Planes were flying past
The restaurant by the beach
Walking back to our carpark
Let’s stop a while to play with sand
Play activity- maybe next time I should try
Beach Soccer?


I decided to practice my photography skills using macro view. I like what I took.

Took some pictures of the brightly colored flowers along the road



Very nice structure of the inner flower
Ah…fire hydrant which don’t exist many in Singapore, DNS posing with it.
Running around


A picture of AS and Me
Posing along the walkway
DSS winking away
My kiddos and I

Overall, we had a fun day in Sentosa. Will come again for some other indoor activities next time.

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Wagyu Wagyu

On the 1st day of 2016, hubby treated us a buffet of his favourite meat of the moment. Wagyu beef buffet.

It was a spread of Japanese food, considered that there were yakitori, chawamushi, sushi and lots more. The BBQ items consisted of wagyu rosu, sashimi as well. Unlimited servings as long as you don’t waste the food.

For a good meal like this to start off with 2016, we are contented!
Our dinner on the 1st day of 2016

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Our Staycation @ Crowne Plaza

Hubby booked this particular hotel for DI’s birthday celebration and to let us enjoy a good holiday stay over the festive period. It was a 3 days 2 nights staycation.

Why Crowne Plaza?

The kids loved the airport a lot and they loved to see airplanes. Why not?

I would like to say that our staycation at Crowne Plaza was a pleasant and happy one. The environment was cosy, except we were worried that we might not be able to sleep well due to the flights taking off.

We asked for an early-check in. However, we were told it was not guaranteed but the hotel staff would try for us. We reached there around 2pm and were told there was a room for us!

This is us, taking some wefies at the hotel’s lobby. DI was feeling elated and excited, so are the older siblings. The christmas decorations were simple. I liked the pyramid of balls that is used as a cushion. I found it quite unique.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The whole process took around 20 mins to complete and off we went up to our hotel room. It was level 8. The moment, we stepped in, hubby and I were impressed with the neatness of the room. Maybe, we loved rectangles room ba.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

A glimpse of the hotel room. I đź’– the bathroom a lot. Simple design.

This is a deluxe king room. Before I could take a nice picture, the kids have already taken over the bed, so pardon the untidiness.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

This is the bathroom. I đź’– the shower head.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

This is the coffee/tea area. It’s nice that they have an espresso machine.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The ambience of the room was cosy and I liked it. The kids felt like it’s their own home.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

We stayed in the room for a while and after that we went for our dinner. When we came back to the hotel room, it was in the evening and we watched cartoon network together with the kids.

Next morning, a sight awaited me. Gasps!

Crowne Plaza Staycation

I realised that perhaps, after all, our room faces the nice scenery of Changi Airport. We can see what was happening at the runway, with the planes queued up and ready to take off. The sky was beautiful too.

Next, after breakfast, we went to recce the swimming pool. Sad to say, the water level is 1.2m and at some areas, it was 1m. I decided not to let the kids dabble in the water for safety sake. The kids, of course were sad. But they could have another alternative. *winked*

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The shower gel smells nice and it’s only the 2nd day that I realised what I missed.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

As it was the 2nd day of staycation and was DI’s actual birthday, we decided to dine at Azur. We missed the online booking which we can get 15% discount off the total bill, however, the staff at Azur was nice enough to let us have the 15% discount. On top of that, they got to hear it was DI’s birthday.

I was happy that I can eat my oysters at last. The kids were also happy to have their fill of pastas, broccoli, sushi…and of course, ice-cream, pastries too.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

See their faces?

I đź’– the desserts section. They have nutcrackers as decorations and the pastries were full of xmas decoration as well.

Before we left, we got DI a little slice of cake, sang happy birthday song and called the bill.

What’s surprised us was that the staff at Azur presented DI a special cake. The kids sang another time of birthday song to their dear brother. The cake was very nice.Each of us took a bite.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

Thanks, Azur for making our evening a memorable one.

We stayed in the hotel for most of the time, enjoying every minute of it and had pillow fight with the kids.

Third day came and it was the last day of staycation. However, I am a member and our check-out time was 2pm. So there were still some time left for us to enjoy. The kids were feeling down that the staycation was over so fast. However, hubby and I make a deal that we would come back again!

Before I end, I am glad to say that all the while we stayed there, the noise pollution from the flights were at a minimum and we slept peacefully over the nights.

*Thumbs up*

*Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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An Outing to the Zoological Gardens

In October, I planned some programmes for my family after my course run completes on 27th November. I decided to take my kids to the zoological gardens using our staff benefits and decided to do so on the 9th Dec.

Reasons for this outing:

  1. I have never visit the zoo with my children
  2. it has been a good 20 over years since I last visited the zoo

It was definitely excited for me to go with them, and go ga-ga over the animals.

Hubby, of course cannot reject this outing as he need to be there for the kids as well and I am sure the kids would đź’– their daddy around to “protect” them if they see the tigers, lions or snakes.

This trail started off our journey. The kids were figuring out how to read the map and where they could see certain animals.

Zoological Gardens

These collages summed up our trip to the zoo. You could see that the kids were happy about it, posing with the animals.
Zoological Gardens

Our favourite animals were the elephant and the polar bear. Too bad, Mr Polar Bear decided to take a swim in the drizzle and refused to come back to his air-conditioned den. We saw some rhinoceros too and DS was definitely happy about it and kept pronouncing “rhi…no..cer..ous..”
Zoological Gardens

We were glad to view more animals when we ventured deeper into the zoo. Here, we managed to see giraffes. Too bad, baby giraffe boy was not let out due to the rain.

Zoological Gardens

It was definitely a worthwhile trip as we managed to cover 3/4 of the zoo. We went to the kids’ water play but did not let the kids went for the play as it was raining and well, we forgot their swimming attire. :/ Nevertheless, the kids were good enough to understand and forego water play.

The boys took a picture with “Ah Meng”, the statue was made to remember our iconic ah meng. I told the kids that Ah Meng had passed away, and they kept asking me for the reason.

Oh yes, I forgot to share one important fact I observed in the zoo.

At the Cats section, hubby and I were surprised to see that the pair of lions’ enclosure were facing the zebras. This made me recall those wild life documentaries that captured the lions chasing after the zebras for their meat. What made it more interesting was when we visited the lions, their back was facing the zebras and I made a joke to hubby that the lions wanted to stop looking at the zebras as they looked tempting to them.

We spent like 4-5 hours in the zoo and it was really a memorable trip for us. Will visit the zoo again in the near future.

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