My Encounter with Thermie

Thermomix (Thermie), as I affectionately called is a cookbot which hub purchased for me a few months back. Since last year, we had chanced upon this Thermie cooker when we were at a church friend’s house and hub was amazed by the dishes it can produced. As the cost was kind of expensive, we did away with the thought of getting it.

However, when the circuit breaker measures hit off in April, I had a hard time trying to think of dishes to cook and because of the frenzy state that supermarkets had, we did many online food orders from Foodpanda and Grab.

The experience of being subscribed to Foodpanda was good initially. But when during the midway, my orders were either canclled on me or wrong food was being delivered. Worse thing is, they are not able to re-deliver and just merely refund or send you some vouchers, hopefully, you will be appeased and use the vouchers for the next order. Indeed, it is a good way to win the customer back. However, a few more times when the order was cancelled last minute, it was really the last straw. I proposed to hub to get a thermomix. At that time, Missyqiqi was very active, showcasing her toy. I was bought in.

I decided to go for the advisor way and see if I can see some cookers so that I can reduce the full cost by half. Selling 1 or 2 also good, right?

This is my 3rd month and I have yet to make any sales from the people I recommended to.

Anyway, my verdict of Thermie is 5 stars!!

I never never never regret buying it!!!

  • Taste good like restaurant standard
  • reduction of cooking time
  • over 10000 or more recipes to explore
  • over 20 functions and can do anything from stir frying to baking and making smoothie
  • family loves what i cook and this is an important factor –> let me tell you why

It really makes me complete as a wife and mother/ daughter as I whipped up delicious food and everybody in the family are satisfied with the food I cooked. It is indeed an achievement and a joy.

Adding this entry in my blog so that I can remember the reason for buying a thermie then!!

If you are interested to find out more and wish to chat with me over this, feel free!

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