First Entry 2019 & my rambles

2019 is here and this is my first entry of the year.

Many things happened for the past 1 year and in fact, to me, it was of mixed emotions and different mentality. There were demises in the family, from hubby’s side and in fact, exactly 1 year ago, my grandmother in law passed away peacefully, while we were busy with my brother-in-law’s funeral (husband’s side). Two deaths between 4 days and we were really saddened by the deaths. DN entered into P1 and it was really a great transition for him and he is still struggling with his studies. Then, our 5th chihuahua, Moony left us, followed by the oldest chihuahua, Panda. With all those madness, I am amazed that I could finish my studies and obtained my Masters while doing a full-time job (at that point of time, I was doing my clinical lab MC job). It was tough as it was the project module. I took up a new portfolio and currently learning new things on the job, while being a CC. I have to manage OH too and I was guilty as I did not take leave to spend time with my kiddos during their December holidays. I promise I will make it up to them. Another 9 more days mark the start of OH. I hope everything will go smoothly and not have any hiccups. I look forward to the end of it, so that I can focus on my current work goals.

All the best to me and to you too! Happy 2019!!

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Thoughts on being parents

Being a mom is no easy task. Being a mommy-to-be was also a heavy responsibility. The child is shared, so you are carrying on behalf of your husband. So little gritty things that happen, off to the hospital. There comes the birth of the child. For the next 1 year, you would be shouldering the responsibility of her daily living activities, basically it’s the necessity of life. Air, Food and Poo.

Making sure, the baby is breathing good air that is not toxic to him.

Making sure, the food or we should say milk must be of goooood quality- in this case, breast milk….

Making sure the poo that comes out must be soft, yellowish-yet not watery.

These are some brief description what is going on for that year. Subsequently, when the big 1 is over, the naughty 2s, the adorable 3s sets in. That is a real test of patience of the parents. Some parents just snapped…and it’s a good thing if the dad is around. Though a mom is noble, but the presence of dad is something that I cannot get over with. He is not there every time, but yet, it does make a difference when the kids are asked to be quiet ny him. Unlike the mom, who have to keep asking the kids to keep quiet. That’s unfair right?

These next 4 years (till the kid is 5), spells trouble. In the sense that the kids’ health should be kept to an optimum. The period that kids can easily get themselves infected with ridiculous germs and sort of sick. They easily get themselves injured as they still have not developed their judgement.  The poor mom, especially will be taking the graveyard shift once again, on top of the day work she has to do when the kid is down with a sickness.

With each 5 years, it is a different journey for the parents. My 8 years of parenting (with the last one reaching 5 this year), it’s going to be a closure of the first 5 year period. I would definitely miss these 5 years too as it means lesser hugs, kisses from the little ones when they are over 5 years old.

A new learning journey is gonna start soon. It is never the same, parenting a set of 3 kids (between 1-4 years old) vs (5-8 years old).




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