Some of my students looked upon me as a role model. Some are still in awe about their decision to join the nursing course.

While there are not right or wrong to choose the career path, I believe that the decisions made at the moment were the outcome of something important or impactful. I mean, it’s not easy for everyone to say I want to be a nurse. Most of the time, the people surrounding them may sound doubtful and even put the person down as they don’t see them making it at the end.

It is just like me when I decided to join the nursing course and needed to go for the medical examination, how one doctor mocked at me by telling me I do not do housework and definitely will not make it as a nurse. So many decades have gone by and if the doctor is still around, I just want to tell him, “I am still standing, yeah yeah yeah….”

I still have the passion for nursing, I still want to help people. However, my perspective has changed. With my efforts alone, I can only help a handful of people. Thus right now, being in the education sector, I hope I can inspire more people to be nurses and good ones to be. 🙂

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First Entry 2019 & my rambles

2019 is here and this is my first entry of the year.

Many things happened for the past 1 year and in fact, to me, it was of mixed emotions and different mentality. There were demises in the family, from hubby’s side and in fact, exactly 1 year ago, my grandmother in law passed away peacefully, while we were busy with my brother-in-law’s funeral (husband’s side). Two deaths between 4 days and we were really saddened by the deaths. DN entered into P1 and it was really a great transition for him and he is still struggling with his studies. Then, our 5th chihuahua, Moony left us, followed by the oldest chihuahua, Panda. With all those madness, I am amazed that I could finish my studies and obtained my Masters while doing a full-time job (at that point of time, I was doing my clinical lab MC job). It was tough as it was the project module. I took up a new portfolio and currently learning new things on the job, while being a CC. I have to manage OH too and I was guilty as I did not take leave to spend time with my kiddos during their December holidays. I promise I will make it up to them. Another 9 more days mark the start of OH. I hope everything will go smoothly and not have any hiccups. I look forward to the end of it, so that I can focus on my current work goals.

All the best to me and to you too! Happy 2019!!

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Meaning of Life

Life to me is something that is full of energy, full of aspiration, dreams and many things that could be achieve. Yeah, that was me when I was in my early 20s. Career was always my priority and my dream was to be a DN (Director in Nursing). Everything was smooth sailing and at the age of 28, I was considered to be young to be groomed as a Nurse coordinator/ deputizing when my manager was not around. Even when I was not feeling well, I still went to work, trying to put my best in work.

However, everything changed when I conceived.

Family became priority and because of family, I changed jobs that offered a stable office hours and weekends off. I was so used not to take leave when I was sick but this changed when I became a parent. Just a cough from my little one would send me to the Doc and get a childcare leave, just to be with her. Work became 2nd priority.

Now as the three of them grow up, work become important again. I feel that there was so much lost, that I could do. It is the personal achievement or satisfaction I was seeking for my gratification.

But I also know that I have to let go certain things. I don’t think I will be so yearning to be on the top of the corporate ladder. I am fine to take on assignments which I think is challenging. But I am more keen to get myself back to hobbies I will love to do, such as crocheting, photography, cooking.

I hope I have more energy to channel for those hobbies though. It’s time to do so….


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