Some of my students looked upon me as a role model. Some are still in awe about their decision to join the nursing course.

While there are not right or wrong to choose the career path, I believe that the decisions made at the moment were the outcome of something important or impactful. I mean, it’s not easy for everyone to say I want to be a nurse. Most of the time, the people surrounding them may sound doubtful and even put the person down as they don’t see them making it at the end.

It is just like me when I decided to join the nursing course and needed to go for the medical examination, how one doctor mocked at me by telling me I do not do housework and definitely will not make it as a nurse. So many decades have gone by and if the doctor is still around, I just want to tell him, “I am still standing, yeah yeah yeah….”

I still have the passion for nursing, I still want to help people. However, my perspective has changed. With my efforts alone, I can only help a handful of people. Thus right now, being in the education sector, I hope I can inspire more people to be nurses and good ones to be. 🙂

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