Daily Prompt: Naked with black socks

Today’s daily prompt :

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Years ago, if I were to asked to do public speaking, I would hide in the bathroom as I have stage phobia. Standing and speak in front of people with hundreds or even thousands of eyes looking and scrutinizing me, it just makes me feel uneasy.

I remembered when I was back from my advanced studies, I was asked by my ward manager one day to present on the new workflow of documentation. It was just like one to two weeks before the presentation. I don’t know why…but I agreed.

The day before, I was quite jittery. I felt like taking sick leave but I know I would disappoint my ward manager. I did not rehearse but just kept staring at the 6-7 pages of documentation, to look through the flow. Yup, nor did I go through the powerpoint as it was supposed to be page by page document- exactly the same as the hard copy.

Did i forgot to say I have to present twice on the same week??

Time came, I presented. I calmed my nerves by cupping over my hands. Ugh…hope to finish it fast.

A few questions were asked by the higher management, the people I meant were the senior ward managers and a few assistant directors. Phew! Managed to answer their questions. The rest of the 100 plus odd staff just did not not move….but kept staring at either me or the powerpoint.

The second time of presentation was much better but still, I was jittery. Yeah, past…it’s all past. My ward manager was glad the presentations went smoothly.

I prayed for a “no more next time”.

Fast foward two to three years later, I got myself a new job.

A lecturing position….What did I get myself into??

Very soon, I was asked to deliver lectures to my nursing students and it’s for over a few weeks topic.

I remembered my hands were cold while fixing up the AV system.

My mind was like in a blur state….

“must remember to say this point” (I even brought my notes down)

“must not be nervous”

There was a rostrum in the theatre! For comfort and safety purpose, I stood behind the rostrum and delivered the lecture. I was really shaky… I can still remember the little shivering heart beat I had….I asked for feedback from my students, they commented that I did not look nervous but there were some unclear points which I evaluated and hope to make it clear to them next time.

As days, weeks, months and years passed by….I do lectures while walking around, capturing the students’ eyes and get their attention. If their attention was not with me, I would ask questions.

In short, I gained confidence and classroom/ lecture room control. Now, I am not very shy or nervous in front of an audience.


I am not very sure why the daily prompt had this black socks…but they have explained what the prompt was about….so, now my question to you…

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Join in the daily prompt and make a post and remember to put a link back to the original post here.

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Balancing act

As I am typing this post, I am in the midst of balancing myself in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train- Singapore’s one choice public transport system.

It’s not an everyday affair that I get to take the MRT as usually I drive. However, I need to go for a conference at the other side of Singapore that I decided to take the MRT, less petrol usage and car park issues.

My balancing act today….

This just etched my memory as a student last time, there was no poles or hand handlers to hold on to in the  crowded MRT.

Will I be able to balance myself well as last time?
Yes I am able to, thank God!

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