Daily Prompt: Meaningless

Bickering is always a common happening in relationship. Be it with partner, parents, siblings or friends.

I used to be defensive or even try to argue hard to win my point but more than ever, I found myself more angry, unable to catch breath in between due to my blood pressure shooting sky high and my heart pumping faster due to the fight/flight response.

As I got older, especially I have kids, I found myself mellowed down. Nowadays, when there is a bickering session going on, I just shut myself up by literally not responding to the words that flew into my ears. Instead, looking around by surrounding helps and calms me down.

I bet most of us agree that bickering allows points to get across to the other and make known that this…this…that.. that is happening and I don’t like…..and this is the real thing that is bothering the other person.

Hence, I would usually listen…keep my cool…and after the person has simmered down, then it’s discussion time.

This would be a better way to solve the issue rather than having two or more people bickering. Everyone argues, no one cares to listen! Problems not solved and it just gets piled up under the carpet.




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Daily Post: Controversy

The latest screening “Beauty and the Beast” has been a hot topic in twitter and also my friends. My friends were so happy that they have make it a point to watch during their off days. While they were excited, I was not. 

Firstly, Not all Disney Princess stories make an impression on me. I prefer stories like Frozen – sister’s 💖, Mulan- Filial piety, Rapunzel- strong willed girl, Little Mermaid- who dares to trade her voice for a pair of legs. Princesses who are strong willed, not a weakling girl. 

Well, currently there is a controversy on the content of Beauty and the Beast…. there are parents who worry about “lesbian/gay content” in the show and don’t wish the children to be exposed to.  Because of its content, certain countries even barred its screening. 

I cannot really comment much as I will not be watching this movie. But perhaps, for parents who worry, it will be good to watch first and see whether you gather any learning points from the show. If yes, you may want to use it as a form of learning point to your kid. After all, kids in this era are growing and maturing very fast. 
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Daily Prompt: Luck

I don’t believe in luck since it’s supposed to be happening by chance. I bought lotteries before it never did I once strike even though it was supposed to be one of my lucky days and oh well, if I have a hunch, I might win something. 

It never happens…

I started out working since teens. Whatever I have today is not by luck but sheer hard work and determination. 

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Daily Prompt: Instinct

My mom used to have very good judgement of my dad’s group of friends. It was so accurate to the spot. She was able to tell him what kind of friend is the friend and most of the time, it proved her right.

I inherited this instinct from her. I call it my gut feel. Friends or colleagues I made, I will use this instinct to determine to be friends with her or not and most of the time, it is accurate. However, I ended up with a small social circle of friends who are genuine and always be by my side.

But, because of this small social circle, sometimes, I yearn to open up more. However, I am afraid of being stabbed or being used by friends for their ulterior motive. These are based on past experience where I ignored my instinct and made friends who were fake and only nice to you when you are around kind.

This particular gift I have is from my mum. I thanked her for that.


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Daily Prompt: Immerse

I always remembered the times that my dad brought me and some cousins to the swimming pool and I was like maybe, 6 years old that time. My dad used to ask me to learn swimming and he would ask me to kick my legs in the water. I do not have the composure to do it and would give up a short while.

After that, there was once, he asked me to immerse myself into the water which I did.

However, I need to learn how to keep air in me so that I would hold it in the water. A few times I did that and suddenly, I just let go of the air in water and inhale water into my nose.

From then on, I decided not to touch water any more again as it’s always associated with the bad feeling from the past.

Recently, I went into the pool again. This is because my kids love water super much and for safety purpose, I decided to be with them, just in case something happens. But I ain’t any swimmer myself. It’s just a 1.2m pool and at the same time, I am trying to overcome my water phobia by immersing into it.

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Daily Prompt: How many Records in this life time?

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Birth record

School Record Book

Health Record Book

Academic Record

Work Record

Financial Record

Marriage Record

Death Record

The list is never ending as they may be other records which usually may not happen in the life time.

Eg. Criminal records, traffic records etc.

From womb to tomb, our life journey has so many records that we have to keep track of. The minute a baby is born, a birth record! A first of its own to indicate she/he is a child of a couple- people who may have interesting life stories to share….

As the baby grows older, the record will be inked up to state how he/she has been performing in terms of school work or health…and this progress to other records in the later half of the journey.

Truthfully said, it can be very fulfilling to the person who got good records and these back up the successful family or career life the person is having.

On the other hand, records are worst for person who may not have achieved much in life, scored the lowest and being picked on for having a bad record.

Life is really about record. Some can be recorded, some not at all.

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Daily Prompt: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is that mode of thinking — about any subject, content, or problem — in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it.

(The Critical Thinking Community, 2015)

It has always been a challenge when teaching critical thinking module in the nursing programme. I have always been asked questions by questions before why the need for a critical thinking topic when all human beings are able to think. However, I begged to differ as not many of us will put on that critical thinking cap on. In fact, in order to make them develop critical thinking, I always use a scenario and have them know that this current case is in the ward now, so what , where, when, why, which and how questions are being posed to them. From there, most students can tell me that there is a difference after all.

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It’s been long

The past week has been a hectic week. Not only was I trying to push all the materials I need to review out, I was also trying to print out my study materials as I realised that I am lagging behind once again. 1.5 weeks to be exact, hence I am trying to catch up during the weekend and my long awaited 1 week AL. At least there is a consolation.

The week has also been a test of my patience and well, work wise, something happened and it just triggered the button in me and perhaps, the belief in my friendship with one of my BFF was tested. However, it took me two days to cool down and in a way, it might never been her fault either as this was work concerned. I went to see my own manager and spoke to him about it. Though it really did not improve much physically, but the need to talk to someone higher up there was met and hopefully, my points went across. My group of close colleagues were quite affected and hope nothing serious and perhaps, talk to my BFF again.

I did. After all, our friendship has been very long since 2001.

I am quite apprehensive of these upcoming months. I am uncertain as there seems to be a lot of work coming up but I just can’t see it physically yet.


At the same time, I am sort of facing a mid-life work crisis. Leave or don’t… I have to thread on this rather carefully. Part of me want to go back but the other half of me is in the comfort zone. But after getting some answer today, it might be better to stay put first. Who knows? I may not need to work in the near future? 😀

Till then…..

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