Sauteed Mushroom

I am a big fan of sauteed mushrooms. Every time, if I were to order some big breakfast or breakfast buffet, this is something that I would look out for.

Well, I decided to make sauteed mushroom yesterday, using a random recipe from the internet. Well, I find it tasted well. 😀

Hubb & the kiddos loved it. Well, I think I will cook more often these days, since I am more “free-er” for the time being.

Sautéed mushrooms

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Meaning of Life

Life to me is something that is full of energy, full of aspiration, dreams and many things that could be achieve. Yeah, that was me when I was in my early 20s. Career was always my priority and my dream was to be a DN (Director in Nursing). Everything was smooth sailing and at the age of 28, I was considered to be young to be groomed as a Nurse coordinator/ deputizing when my manager was not around. Even when I was not feeling well, I still went to work, trying to put my best in work.

However, everything changed when I conceived.

Family became priority and because of family, I changed jobs that offered a stable office hours and weekends off. I was so used not to take leave when I was sick but this changed when I became a parent. Just a cough from my little one would send me to the Doc and get a childcare leave, just to be with her. Work became 2nd priority.

Now as the three of them grow up, work become important again. I feel that there was so much lost, that I could do. It is the personal achievement or satisfaction I was seeking for my gratification.

But I also know that I have to let go certain things. I don’t think I will be so yearning to be on the top of the corporate ladder. I am fine to take on assignments which I think is challenging. But I am more keen to get myself back to hobbies I will love to do, such as crocheting, photography, cooking.

I hope I have more energy to channel for those hobbies though. It’s time to do so….


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Resuming writing

Well, I am resuming writing again this month.

I used to have my own domain and have an urge to renew the domain but I am not sure if I should do that as I may not always update as frequent due to work commitment.

However, having my own domain means I can customise my website and personalised it.

Moreover, I had a problem with jet pack. The last time I had my own domain, the jet pack failed and I cannot follow my readers nor can my readers follow me to see my updates.

Should I have my own domain?

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Out of the Vox: PTC

The ever cheeky boy! Here goes the conversation…
Me: “So, tomorrow are you having school?”
Ien: “I don’t know…yes I think.”
Me: “ Teacher got say anything about tomorrow?”
Ien: “ya, tomorrow is PTC, Parents Talking Day, no school”
Me: 😣🙄
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I miss writing. The past 3 months have been hectic and felt my energy being sapped away fast and furious. No matter how much I rest, it is still not enough. Thinking of a long break… but checking on my banks statement does not justify myself getting a long break though…. 😰

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Planners- do you have one?

I have always love Kikki K products and adored their shop front very much. Recently, I went to one of their outlets, hoping to get a weekly planner. After browsing for like 1/2 hour and approaching their staff to ask for the weekly planner I want very much, to my disappointment, there isn’t such weekly planner. This weekly planner is either you buy for one whole year of time planner, which obviously, is going for $3/ as a sale item but the contents which I can utilize is left with a shelf life of 6 more months. The rest of the monthly view, I don’t need it at all. So even for $3, I do not want to spend that amount of money on it.

It’s so hard to get an ideal planner refills- current ones don’t suit my styles at all. I went to one of the scrap-booking store and found out My Prima Planner, but it’s too much graphics and looks complicated, though I do love some of the fans’ work.  MPH, The Times bookshops carries planners though but it’s too professional to my taste and expensive.

Well, I still love those Sanrio ones from Japan…but too kiddish to bring to work.

I was thinking of designing the pages myself but it’s gonna be a lot of work…guess I am gonna get the Kikki ones back then.

Till then.




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How does one view when your boss kept hiring new people who are paid more and given more recognition?

I have this accumulated feeling of disgust! :/ 

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I have been busy with work that I sort of neglected my blog. 

However, I still think about blogging every now and then but I was too tired or should I say lazy to get blogging.

Ever since the last time, I updated my blog in April, May was one huge hectic month with teaching and assignments to submit. I am glad to say that I am left with two essay to submit and 1 exam to complete currently. Though the datelines are near, I vow to finish it by then. 

Next week is a little mid semester break for me. I hope by then I have completed my 500 words assignment and my exam. This Friday, my 2500 words assignment is due though! Anyway, to carry on, next week, I am gonna bring the kids out for some excursion. To the bird park, to the zoo! At least some time spent with the kiddos before the sem starts again in two weeks time.

Till then. 

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It’s been a while

Ever since last week, I have been going for multiple meetings and courses. It’s never ending actually, and this week, the semester starts with a bang and the yeah, the marathon of a semester has finally started. I have been rushing for classes everyday, in the midst of the classes, the graduation rehearsals also started.

This is so busy that yeah, I neglected my studies. Hopefully, I can catch up my studies but seems the chances are slim. Too many workload to do…simply to say….

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Float float

Brought the kids to the Wild wild Wet on Wednesday and the weather was really really hot! But we do have a great time at the Shiok River, Tsunami pool and the kids water playground. 

Though fun, but the weather made my kids fall sick. 

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