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Okie…my domain skyzcandies will be down and I don’t think I will be renewing it for the time being till I feel that my blogging is more frequent.

Hubby thinks it’s a waste of money to spend on the domain, well….

I guess it’s good too, since on, I can continue to go to the reader section to see updates of the people I am following. It will sort of encourage me to blog too, I believe.


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Milestone achievement

Young DN has officially graduated from his kindergarten and I have no more young ones in the kindy system. Time flies actually, to see your kids growing up every day. No wonder, friends have been telling me that it’s worthwhile to spend time with your kids when they are below 7 years old. As parents, we should be playing with them, rather than letting them playing by themselves, with us supervising their play. We should not be around them, but present in their lives with them so that they will remember us when they grow older.

I actually do agree with this statement.
I once read a story of how a child who spent his childhood in childcare and when he grew up, he put both his parents in day care. The reason for him putting them in daycare(even though he could afford a helper to tend to their needs) was that he has no time to care for them. That was the same view expressed by his parents when he was a child.

Nevertheless, DN performed his best today and we were delighted with the performance from the children. I did not expect it to be so grand.

DN on the stage receiving his certificate.

Receiving his cert



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OOPs- a lapse of 365dayz+thoughts

Ok,I had a lapse of 365dayz due my forgetfulness.
Will try to get it back on course.

For the past week, I have been doing my supervision in the clinical. A brand new batch- new faces and got to know them.
Got my assessment task 1 result back, well, I have to say for a last minute work, the grade is already satisfying to start with. I cannot imagine how it would be for assessment task 2.

I have been looking for things that I enjoyed when I was a teenager…20 years, wow! times flies…I am trying to re-collect the nice memories and hobbies I enjoyed such as crocheting, manga- especially Sailormoon. The graphics when I browsed through the internet just struck my memory byte in me. How I wish I can go back to those times, carefree, not holding as many responsibilities a now.
Dealing with my three kiddos can be very very tiring. The endless nagging, the constant check on them.
Getting my sanity back often is a must. That’s why I have been looking back at things I enjoyed. At least I feel alive!

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Haiku post

I decided to do a little Haiku after inspired by Kiwinana’s posts.

Late afternoon sun

Shines through the window curtains

Somehow it seems summer

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Daily Prompt: Overcome

Everything about me is fine except for a few shortcomings that I need to overcome. I bet, my husband agrees to this very point.

  • procrastinate my work tasks
  • always keep quiet till the last minute when things don’t go well as planned
  • not a very good listener at times

The last bullet is usually to person like my hubby. I tend to take him for granted at times and thought that my presence felt will be good enough for him. But I realised that is not what he wants. He wanted me to give my opinions, listen to him 100% and not made myself as though I am invisible at times. This, I am working hard now to listen.

People who worked with me thinks that I am too cool as a cucumber at times,  good to work with since I don’t blast out usually. However, there are many things that need to sound out when things don’t go well as planned. I reflected on this point many times….and yeah, I should point out as early as possible if the gut feel is not right. I tend to work based on my gut feel. Even when I know something is gonna be wrong, I will try to reverse the situation or seek alternatives rather than telling another person about it.

Last point, procrastination. I guess many of us procrastinate everyday. From the moment we woke up, we tried to delay tasks on hands till the last minute and this ties in very well with the point I was elaborating about in the last paragraph.

All these bad habits of mine can be overcome!

I believe I can do it…..

Daily Prompt:


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A Trip to Sentosa

Sentosa is having free admission for locals from 4- 10 September 2017. Well, since it was the term break, we decided to bring the kids there and have some fun exploring.

The weather was very hot and humid but we tried to complete our little exploration.

It has been some time since we last visited Sentosa. Many changes and so far, the minimum change is to the beach: Palawan & Siloso (many happenings there).

AS decided to bring her bubble stick and played with it.

AS playing with her bubble stick
The kiddos posed for me
An individual shot


The most southern point
Hot Day!
Random shot
Look at DSS who was filled with excitement

We decided to take the free shuttle service as we were tired after a long walk. We alighted at Beach Station to take a Sentosa Express to Imbiah station. We wanted to have KFC for our lunch. After that, we proceeded to take the cable car ride from there to Siloso Beach Cable car station.

Their first cable car ride
Hope they are not afraid of heights
At the highest point
Over there are Vivocity & HarbourFront
Ships were “parking”
Shangri-La Resort is just over there
Oops I caught the reflection on the glass


We alighted and went past the Sandstation. Due to the hot weather and hubby’s not intereted in the sand, we did not go for the exhibition.

The tentage of the SandStation which is on exhibition now
Another view of Siloso Beach


A closer look of SandStation

As we were walking back to the carpark, several army planes flew by.

Planes were flying past
The restaurant by the beach
Walking back to our carpark
Let’s stop a while to play with sand
Play activity- maybe next time I should try
Beach Soccer?


I decided to practice my photography skills using macro view. I like what I took.

Took some pictures of the brightly colored flowers along the road



Very nice structure of the inner flower
Ah…fire hydrant which don’t exist many in Singapore, DNS posing with it.
Running around


A picture of AS and Me
Posing along the walkway
DSS winking away
My kiddos and I

Overall, we had a fun day in Sentosa. Will come again for some other indoor activities next time.

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I just finished my zoom chat with my Prof from Australia. This is my first time using Zoom to meet online and well, it was rather interesting to see my fellow classmates, but only got to see one with video on. The rest either were at work or have switched off their videos.

The meeting started at 3pm, 5pm in Australia. When I started, I have forgotten to put it on mute and my child’s voice and even the dogs bark were captured. It was such a epic moment when my online classmate, Julia commented about the puppies barking away…

The last time I had a meeting online was using Collaborate One… but the university decided to switch to Zoom.

This is for my independent study unit and I have to say it is quite tough. I have to search for articles to conduct a literature review before embarking on my clinical project next semester. :/

Well, Master, Master… I hope to see you soon next year!

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365 Dayz

This September, I am going to start my series of 365 Days in my blog. It will be a collection of daily journey I had been through so that I can look back and what, where, when, what, why and how I got to snap a picture. I guess it would be interesting though.

365 Dayz

Join me if you wish to!

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