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365 Dayz

This September, I am going to start my series of 365 Days in my blog. It will be a collection of daily journey I had been through so that I can look back and what, where, when, what, why and how I got to snap a picture. I guess it would be interesting though. Join… Read More 365 Dayz


Academic work

Lately, my eldest had completed her continuous assessment for Term 3 and the results she gotten was not as what I expected to be, but nevertheless, she showed improvement. As a mom, I felt guilty as I have not been spending time with her doing her homework. I let her play as I felt that… Read More Academic work


Sauteed Mushroom

I am a big fan of sauteed mushrooms. Every time, if I were to order some big breakfast or breakfast buffet, this is something that I would look out for. Well, I decided to make sauteed mushroom yesterday, using a random recipe from the internet. Well, I find it tasted well. 😀 Hubb & the… Read More Sauteed Mushroom


Resuming writing

Well, I am resuming writing again this month. I used to have my own domain and have an urge to renew the domain but I am not sure if I should do that as I may not always update as frequent due to work commitment. However, having my own domain means I can customise my… Read More Resuming writing



I miss writing. The past 3 months have been hectic and felt my energy being sapped away fast and furious. No matter how much I rest, it is still not enough. Thinking of a long break… but checking on my banks statement does not justify myself getting a long break though…. 😰


Planners- do you have one?

I have always love Kikki K products and adored their shop front very much. Recently, I went to one of their outlets, hoping to get a weekly planner. After browsing for like 1/2 hour and approaching their staff to ask for the weekly planner I want very much, to my disappointment, there isn’t such weekly… Read More Planners- do you have one?



How does one view when your boss kept hiring new people who are paid more and given more recognition? I have this accumulated feeling of disgust! :/ 



I have been busy with work that I sort of neglected my blog.  However, I still think about blogging every now and then but I was too tired or should I say lazy to get blogging. Ever since the last time, I updated my blog in April, May was one huge hectic month with teaching… Read More Neglected!