A Trip to Sentosa

Sentosa is having free admission for locals from 4- 10 September 2017. Well, since it was the term break, we decided to bring the kids there and have some fun exploring. The weather was very hot and humid but we tried to complete our little exploration. It has been some time since we last visited… Read More A Trip to Sentosa

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I just finished my zoom chat with my Prof from Australia. This is my first time using Zoom to meet online and well, it was rather interesting to see my fellow classmates, but only got to see one with video on. The rest either were at work or have switched off their videos. The meeting… Read More Zooming

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365 Dayz

This September, I am going to start my series of 365 Days in my blog. It will be a collection of daily journey I had been through so that I can look back and what, where, when, what, why and how I got to snap a picture. I guess it would be interesting though. Join… Read More 365 Dayz


Academic work

Lately, my eldest had completed her continuous assessment for Term 3 and the results she gotten was not as what I expected to be, but nevertheless, she showed improvement. As a mom, I felt guilty as I have not been spending time with her doing her homework. I let her play as I felt that… Read More Academic work


Sauteed Mushroom

I am a big fan of sauteed mushrooms. Every time, if I were to order some big breakfast or breakfast buffet, this is something that I would look out for. Well, I decided to make sauteed mushroom yesterday, using a random recipe from the internet. Well, I find it tasted well. 😀 Hubb & the… Read More Sauteed Mushroom


Resuming writing

Well, I am resuming writing again this month. I used to have my own domain and have an urge to renew the domain but I am not sure if I should do that as I may not always update as frequent due to work commitment. However, having my own domain means I can customise my… Read More Resuming writing



I miss writing. The past 3 months have been hectic and felt my energy being sapped away fast and furious. No matter how much I rest, it is still not enough. Thinking of a long break… but checking on my banks statement does not justify myself getting a long break though…. 😰


Planners- do you have one?

I have always love Kikki K products and adored their shop front very much. Recently, I went to one of their outlets, hoping to get a weekly planner. After browsing for like 1/2 hour and approaching their staff to ask for the weekly planner I want very much, to my disappointment, there isn’t such weekly… Read More Planners- do you have one?