My Olympus OMD EM10

I once was proudly of being a second owner of a pre-loved Olympus camera and loved playing with it till one day, it dropped onto the floor from a portable shelf which my hub was trying to move.

I was sad! Quickly send it for repair and took like 3 weeks long to change the LCD screen. Though it works fine, there are some areas that was rough on the edges which makes it a little ugly.

The worst thing that happened after that was the WiFi does not work anymore! I was pretty dismayed that my once perfect camera is no longer perfect anymore.

I thought of selling away but I may not have a camera for quite some time if I do that. But again I have no time for photography hobbies currently.

Should I see or keep it still?

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Yesterday was

Lousy… full of issues once I was back to work.

Starting with an 8am class for two hours and my voice also nearly went hoarse. This was followed by a quick lunch break and another 4 hours of class.

I cannot imagine how it will be like for this continuity of lessons but since I planned in such a way, I will have to accept and continue with it. It may be tiring but I am also enjoying the teaching as well, minus all the administrative work.

I just want to pray for a good smooth work flow and less communication issues with colleagues. When communication is not clear, it creates problems. Worse still, they talk behind your back.

I have to watch my back several times a day to ensure I don’t bleed too heavily. 🤣

I believe I will have a better day at work today!

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I can’t bear to…

close my blog.

Firstly, there are many things which I have penned down my life in this blog.

Most of the picture links are still working.

My efforts…

Due to my working commitments, I have neglected this blog much. My followers have also been reduced. I am not someone who blogs by the number of followers I have but it is one of the outlet for me to vent and share things which I 💖 about.

Perhaps, I should get on to follow through my kids’ growing up phases. Ever since they started primary school, I did not really have time to blog about the weekly happenings/ outings with my family. Owells…..I come back again.

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Out of the Vox: Into half

An interesting conversation which happened while I was at the doc with my Ien.

Nowadays, I have to keep a MC- child care sick leave (for myself as company may need it for reference) so I requested for a duplicate but it took some time.

So when I finally got it and was on the way out of the clinic, Ien spoke.

Ien: “so you got the MC?”.

Me: “yeah for work, just in case they want to see it.

Ien: “Cut it into half, can right?”

Me: “How can? The name and BC won’t be reflected and for what should I cut the MC?”

Boy grinned. 🙄

Ien: ” You are going to Sheng Siong right? I go with you to buy grape juice, doc said can drink.”

Apparently when the doc was giving advice to him what can he eat or drink, he said no dairy products. Ien knew I forbade him to take sweetened drinks so he took the opportunity to ask the doc if grape juice was allowed and he was granted so.

Kids nowadays ah….. 😨

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Out of the Vox: No money

While the older siblings were having their lessons, this little boy got to hang out with me for like two hours. We went to the supermarket where some succulents were on sale and I just wanted to check it out.

When we were nearing the section, this little Ien said, “Mum, I know what you want, are you going to buy plants? You just bought some plants, you know?” (Before that, I went to purchase some airplants).

Me: “yes, yes, I bought plants, but now, I am just checking succulents out”.

“Ien: ” I know what you are thinking, Mum.., or are you getting some sprays for the plants? Every Xmas, you can get some plants for yourself”.

Me: “yeah, you can give me plants for present”.

Half an hour later……

So while we went to the shopping mall to do some window shopping, he told me there were nice decks of Buddyfight cards he wanted to buy. Beat around the bush and finally, I got the three kids three packets of cards so that they can share. He was so happy and you can really see the grin on his face. However, I told him, after spending those money, I have no more money. Ien told me, you can just go to the ATM and money will come out of it. I told him, no…. without working, we will have no money. He was feeling sad and perhaps guilty at that moment. He told me he will try to save his pocket money tomorrow so that he can return me some money. This was where I took the picture of him looking sad!

He is so cute and innocent. Really hearts him a lot. Oh yes, you have to see his grinning face whenever he gets his way through with us!

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Aloysius Pang

The last few days, the media has been trending on Aloysius Pang’s death.

When I first heard of the news, I was in school and back then, I did not know what happened exactly. All I knew was that he was going for his 2nd surgery. It was only towards the late evening that I read that he got into an accident while doing repairing works in New Zealand. Next day, I read that he was going for his third surgery and very soon… his deteriorating status and his death.

His death- was not I expected as he was still young at 28 years old. Healthy, optimistic young man…. I still was in denial and asked if it was a joke. Well, news began to broadcast of his death and even social media… okie.. it’s truth after all.

I have watched his shows ever since he came back to showbiz and I must say that his acting was getting better and better. It is really heartbreaking and he does not deserve to go yet. But nevertheless, GOD may have better plans for him.

Rest in peace Aloysius! You will always be missed and well-loved by us!

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First Entry 2019 & my rambles

2019 is here and this is my first entry of the year.

Many things happened for the past 1 year and in fact, to me, it was of mixed emotions and different mentality. There were demises in the family, from hubby’s side and in fact, exactly 1 year ago, my grandmother in law passed away peacefully, while we were busy with my brother-in-law’s funeral (husband’s side). Two deaths between 4 days and we were really saddened by the deaths. DN entered into P1 and it was really a great transition for him and he is still struggling with his studies. Then, our 5th chihuahua, Moony left us, followed by the oldest chihuahua, Panda. With all those madness, I am amazed that I could finish my studies and obtained my Masters while doing a full-time job (at that point of time, I was doing my clinical lab MC job). It was tough as it was the project module. I took up a new portfolio and currently learning new things on the job, while being a CC. I have to manage OH too and I was guilty as I did not take leave to spend time with my kiddos during their December holidays. I promise I will make it up to them. Another 9 more days mark the start of OH. I hope everything will go smoothly and not have any hiccups. I look forward to the end of it, so that I can focus on my current work goals.

All the best to me and to you too! Happy 2019!!

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