DI’s 4th birthday celebration

DI is 4 this year.

A few months ago, he was quite excited about his upcoming birthday and kept asking us for a cake to celebrate his birthday. Multiple cake designs he had and kept changing his mind about it.

At long last, he settled for a xmas log cake. All those superheroes cake were rejected. He felt it was special to have a log cake since his siblings could not even get one and most important of all, the log cakes have nice decoration, such as the house, the deer, snowman, etc. Hence, he felt proud that he is able to get one and don’t mind to share the cake decorations with his siblings.

Our kids, usually have to celebrate at least 3-4 times of their birthday each year. Hence, this boy also had to celebrate thrice. One with my parents, one with parents-in-law and one with us. The 4th was not held this time round, in view that his childcare centre has HFMD outbreak.

I did not manage to take much pictures of his birthday celebration with my in-laws, but took a few photos when the celebration was done with my parents and for this year, it was held at my sister’s place.

Baby AVL was also very happy to see them and joined in the fun too!

DI' birthday celebration @sis place

DI' birthday celebration @sis place

I liked the last picture of DI. He was getting slightly annoyed why there were so many picture taking and he was still not able to cut his cake.

Happy 4th birthday, DI!

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With 2016 kicking in real soon, I think I must prepare myself mentally for my kids who are going to the pre-primary levels. I always heard from my friends, once the kids start to reach 5 years old and above, it meant the toddler / child experience is over. Welcome to the children (age 5 -12) stage. I assumed that this stage will be full of “I can do myself”, “why is it like this?”, “because….” a lot of interactive and meaningful conversation among us. This means I have to cut down my phone usage and be their listening friends and learn things together with them.

Ien will have another year to reach 5 years old….but already, he questions a lot.

Time for me to research on these ages level so that I can relate better to them. 😀

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Helping out with housework

When the kids are growing up, they felt that helping out their parents is a great deal to them. This also has the school’s education system to thank for as some of their values is to instill the child about sharing the burden of housework and if everyone gets to do their part, it will relieve their parents’ burden and housework gets to be completed fast.

To me, I am ok for housework to be done by me as I can get quite obsessive about dishes or floor not mopped properly. Especially when they are done by the kids. However, I also know that I have to do away with this mentality or else my kids would not learn how to do a good job. I remembered the times when my mum forbade me to do housework when I was young,even though I was “brainwashed” by the education system to help out doing housework. The only time that I started doing housework was when I was in my teens. By then, I loathed housework, as far as I remembered.

AhGirl has been helping me with some bits of housework lately and this is one of the pictures that I took of her doing the dishes.

She is helping me to do the dishes!

She was happy when she completed and I gave her a “LIKE”.

I must tell myself to learn to appreciate and compliment the kids whenever possible, so that it will motivate them further.

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