When I was young, my mother often complained to me about her backache and it was on a daily basis. The most “dreadeD” word to me, back then, was “Massage”. Hence, I often had to help her to massage and relieve her discomfort.

When I grow older and have my own kids, I often found myself having backache. It could be due to posture, usually standing or sitting. That’s when the vicious cycle comes out and often asked my gal to give me a massage as well. My gal will sometimes give me that impression “why me again?” I do not want to rely on painkillers too as there are side effects.

Looks like, I really got to look into my daily routine. Exercise is seriously lacking in it. I have always been on my toes, working and coming back home and continue to do housework. By the way, housework does not equate to exercise. The cardio output need to increase, I often muttered to myself.

2016- will I be able to exercise at least twice a week?

Let’s shall see….if you have any better ideas of motivating one to exercise, do share with me ok?




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I am not totally a perfectionist or a meticulous person.

However, when it comes to gadgets stuff, I tend to like all things beautifully crafted out, such as a handphone case where transparent types are concerned. A little scratch on it or a little chip will make me feel unsettled and not wanting it even.

I am the typical Singaporean if things are not 100% perfect, I want to do a one to one exchange or refund.

Last Saturday, I went to get an iPhone 6S + case as the old iPhone 6+ transparent casing does not fit at all. I went to a nearby neighbourhood shopping mall and got a hard transparent casing with nice ponies as the design. I did not care that much then as I was hurrying home.

A snapshot of the backdesign of the casing

After settling my kids, I decided to change the casing and that was when I detected a small chip at the sides of the casing.

The one encircled- the chipped!

Me: “do you think I should get it change, dear?”

hubb: “up to you, you can change it tomorrow if you want”.

Me: “but its really a small chip…if you were me, will you change?”

hubb: “no. because it is not really obvious”.

At this time, I went to examine further and decided to change the casing.

After changing to the new casing, I showed to hubby that the chip cannot be seen very well but when you handle the casing, you can feel the chip.

I began to ask myself this question….

“So what if it’s chipped? If it served my purpose, its ok. For the amount of petrol and carpark fees incurred, it would not be worth it. Also, if I do not want this casing, poor “fella” would have to be a condemned item and forever be “banished” to the storeroom/trashroom whatever it is. Hence, I decided to take the challenge of not changing it and using it as though it’s a perfect product.

Today is the 5th day of using the casing…so far so good! I am learning to accept flaws.

This applies to parenting as well. Our kids may not be a 100% perfect, ideal kid. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses too and as parents, we need to embrace all of these. Strengthen the strengths and convert weaknesses to strengths.

All of us have a flaw….as long as the flaw is not of any evil intention or harm to society, we can accept that and have to live with it. If its changeable, why not?

Children are innocent beings and are special gifts. As parents, we are their first models so that they learn and adapt themselves to their surroundings. Hence, I believe the upbringing and nurturing are of great importance. I am not a great parent and still learning through this journey. But I will always pause and reflect back on the little decisions and examine the impact that it had on the children. Learn from it, and seek the best alternative for the best choice.


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Today’s daily prompt is titled “Unpopular”.
There was a time that I had to choose between a popular and an unpopular (not really since it’s a new school) for my child who had to start her primary school soon.

It was between a well-known, highly sought after primary school called “N” vs a new school called “S” which had only Primary 2 students.
I initially wanted to send my kid to N school. However, as time passed by, I decided to change to S school instead. Here’s why:

1) N school is very competitive
2) N school is a very well-established school routine and firm rules with students
3) N school is also opened on Sundays, I believed for other classes or activities that they were having and some of the kids have to attend school
4) the building looks crampy.

5) S school is new- the furnitures are considered in mint condition
6) more spaces for my kid to run
7) a new school equates to new ideas of learning and teaching
8) new facilities
9) no intense competition among the kids
10) just right in front of my house.

That decision was made 1 year ago, till now, there was no regret. My kid came back home everyday, saying “School was fun”, “I love that teacher Ms….blah blah blah…”, “My bro should go to same school as me too”.
Very importantly, she missed school when it’s the long holidays.

Hence, the unpopular choice turned out to be a good one afterall.

Do you ever have to choose a popular or an unpopular choice?
Share with us…
Here’s the link.

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“who I am and why I’m here”

Hi, I am Ally, a full time working mum and have been blogging since 2004. The reason why I blogged before and now have a different focus. In the past, I used to blog about daily mundane tasks that I had been doing and I thought it was sort like a documentary of my life. However, as years passed and started my family, my focus changed and decided to blog about my little journey as a mother and a full time working mum. I wanted to share my experiences nurturing my little ones and the experiences I had so that it will become one of my memories in later part of life. Likewise, I hope to meet more parents and exchange our views and experiences.

Sometimes, I may be busy with work, thus I skipped some of the milestone of my kids. However, with 2016 starting, I really hope to update as regularly so that I won’t be missing any important event or a simple snapshot in my journey as a mother.

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What I want for 2016

What I want for 2016.
An organised, thinking brain, more alert.

Less caffeine intake, more water intake

Stop procrastinating (haha…many years of resolution – still not so effective)

Weight Management, healthy body

Good working partners!

Smooth travel overseas and be safe!

Happy family!
Pay Raise (for the multiple roles I am juggling)

Less expenses (how is it possible?)

Catch up with old friends (especially my Ultimate 9)

For now, my wish list is like this. How about yours? 

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A convenient way to juice

A few days ago, I wanted to come up with a new marinade for the lamb meat which I bought. I took off a recipe from all recipes and bought the necessary condiments to make the marinade.

Lemons were actually one of the items on the list and I was thinking about how to get the 1/4 cup of juice. 

I recalled that I saw something for juicing in the cupboard a few times and went to search for it.

It was easy to use. Just cup over the lemon head and screw deep down. Press around the lemon and the juice will be held inside till I wanted to pour it out. How convenient it was. Moreover, there were markings on the cup so that you will know when to stop. 😉

This is how it looks like.   
Definitely a must keep! 

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DI’s 4th birthday celebration

DI is 4 this year.

A few months ago, he was quite excited about his upcoming birthday and kept asking us for a cake to celebrate his birthday. Multiple cake designs he had and kept changing his mind about it.

At long last, he settled for a xmas log cake. All those superheroes cake were rejected. He felt it was special to have a log cake since his siblings could not even get one and most important of all, the log cakes have nice decoration, such as the house, the deer, snowman, etc. Hence, he felt proud that he is able to get one and don’t mind to share the cake decorations with his siblings.

Our kids, usually have to celebrate at least 3-4 times of their birthday each year. Hence, this boy also had to celebrate thrice. One with my parents, one with parents-in-law and one with us. The 4th was not held this time round, in view that his childcare centre has HFMD outbreak.

I did not manage to take much pictures of his birthday celebration with my in-laws, but took a few photos when the celebration was done with my parents and for this year, it was held at my sister’s place.

Baby AVL was also very happy to see them and joined in the fun too!

DI' birthday celebration @sis place

DI' birthday celebration @sis place

I liked the last picture of DI. He was getting slightly annoyed why there were so many picture taking and he was still not able to cut his cake.

Happy 4th birthday, DI!

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With 2016 kicking in real soon, I think I must prepare myself mentally for my kids who are going to the pre-primary levels. I always heard from my friends, once the kids start to reach 5 years old and above, it meant the toddler / child experience is over. Welcome to the children (age 5 -12) stage. I assumed that this stage will be full of “I can do myself”, “why is it like this?”, “because….” a lot of interactive and meaningful conversation among us. This means I have to cut down my phone usage and be their listening friends and learn things together with them.

Ien will have another year to reach 5 years old….but already, he questions a lot.

Time for me to research on these ages level so that I can relate better to them. 😀

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Helping out with housework

When the kids are growing up, they felt that helping out their parents is a great deal to them. This also has the school’s education system to thank for as some of their values is to instill the child about sharing the burden of housework and if everyone gets to do their part, it will relieve their parents’ burden and housework gets to be completed fast.

To me, I am ok for housework to be done by me as I can get quite obsessive about dishes or floor not mopped properly. Especially when they are done by the kids. However, I also know that I have to do away with this mentality or else my kids would not learn how to do a good job. I remembered the times when my mum forbade me to do housework when I was young,even though I was “brainwashed” by the education system to help out doing housework. The only time that I started doing housework was when I was in my teens. By then, I loathed housework, as far as I remembered.

AhGirl has been helping me with some bits of housework lately and this is one of the pictures that I took of her doing the dishes.

She is helping me to do the dishes!

She was happy when she completed and I gave her a “LIKE”.

I must tell myself to learn to appreciate and compliment the kids whenever possible, so that it will motivate them further.

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