COVID-19 CB Measures

These two months of circuit breaker measures has definitely changed the way we work and our usual lifestyle. For many people who are full time workers, it is not very easy to work from home. I know that there are people who welcomed this measure as this will allow spending more time with the family and not 100% work at home. It’s not easy to struggle between family and work at the same time- whatever it is, there is always this 60-40 or 30-70 ratio of work-life.

Somehow, or rather, I adjusted my life to work from home (WFH) and time flashed past, the circuit breaker measures came to an end! Yeah, it is that fast!

Now, with the new norm which is part of our daily lifestyle, I am definitely fine with WFH! To go back to office and work, is something which I may have to adjust back to again after these two months!

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is special because I am a mother. I would also like to wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day. In additional- a dedication of thanks to the lovely mothers who are working as frontliners in view of fighting COVID-19.

Thanks for working and keeping everyone safe. Likewise, refrain from going out and keep safe, everyone.

I cannot imagine the surprise that I will be receiving later. It can also be considered as a gift from hub. Shall reveal the surprise later!

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