Friends from Afar

Lately, we have been watching “Friends from Afar”. It’s about aliens coming to earth to explore about earth and earthlings. It was so interesting to watch that my kids and I will catch the episodes on a daily basis. Now, what happens is that… nowadays, whenever we go out, we will be mindful of what… Read More Friends from Afar


My wedding anniversary gift

from my husband. Happy to the max! Though at times, the connection may drop… but I like the fact that when I removed it from the case, iPhone will sense it. If I take out one of the AirPods from my ear, music will stop. One more thing, battery charges very fast! 😉 https://flic.kr/p/Ebjrjq


Milestone achievement

Young DN has officially graduated from his kindergarten and I have no more young ones in the kindy system. Time flies actually, to see your kids growing up every day. No wonder, friends have been telling me that it’s worthwhile to spend time with your kids when they are below 7 years old. As parents,… Read More Milestone achievement


Haiku post

I decided to do a little Haiku after inspired by Kiwinana’s posts. Late afternoon sun Shines through the window curtains Somehow it seems summer


A Trip to Sentosa

Sentosa is having free admission for locals from 4- 10 September 2017. Well, since it was the term break, we decided to bring the kids there and have some fun exploring. The weather was very hot and humid but we tried to complete our little exploration. It has been some time since we last visited… Read More A Trip to Sentosa

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I just finished my zoom chat with my Prof from Australia. This is my first time using Zoom to meet online and well, it was rather interesting to see my fellow classmates, but only got to see one with video on. The rest either were at work or have switched off their videos. The meeting… Read More Zooming

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365 Dayz

This September, I am going to start my series of 365 Days in my blog. It will be a collection of daily journey I had been through so that I can look back and what, where, when, what, why and how I got to snap a picture. I guess it would be interesting though. Join… Read More 365 Dayz