Father’s Day

Every year, we celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a special day to remember for the good he has done for us and playing the role of a father figure in our family. This year is no exception. However, my father’s health condition is not good these days. A few years more to come, I wonder how Father’s Day will mean to us. Hopefully, while he is at his best condition, he remembers us.

My dad has been diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disorder and though it is known to be slowly progressing, but when we knew of his condition, it could be somewhere between the mild to moderate stage. These days, his tremors is more obvious, becomes forgetful easily , short attention span, lost interests in his surroundings and tends to withdraw from our social talks.

My sis and I are trying to engage him, trying to take more photographs of him. We 💖  him a lot and we just want to spend more time with him.

Meanwhile, I searched for some essential oils to help him with his condition. He responds greatly to smell and the other day, he was feeling nausea and I applied Digize on him. He told me the smell is very strong and he squirmed when he smelled it. I had a good laugh. But after I rubbed on his abdomen, he somehow felt more relaxed and was able to sleep soundly through the night.

From the search, there were suggestions to use some essential oils to calm him, trigger his emotions and stays focus. Gonna do this blend for him so that he will be able to sustain this energy on him.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Especially to my father, husband and my brother in law. Thank you for working so hard and giving the best to the family!

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