A-Z April Challenge: H

H for Housework.

Yes, housework.

Housework is never ending. When I was young, I always thought to myself why on earth my mother is always handling housework…it’s the most deadliest thing to happen to any woman on earth. There is no pay, no one appreciates and the poor hands are the one to suffer.

As time goes by, when I was in my teens, my mother started training me to do housework…I loathed it so much that I only took on the job of vacuuming the floor only. At that time, my mother was quite kind to us. I was in charge of vacuuming while my sister was in charge of mopping.

One day, I got a house with my husband.

My days numbered.

Housework, housework…never ending….

The clothes always piled up in the laundry area, after washing, time to fold and some need to be ironed. I hate this cycling process.

The dishes have to be washed…the floor needs to be vacuumed and mop- well…the dust don’t seem to lessen…it just add on in areas where it cannot be reached. Not forgetting that there is still a yearly spring-cleaning to do before Chinese New Year.

I know of women who love housework and are proud of their work when people complimented their house is neat, tidy and very clean. You can feel it squeaky clean. This one person that I am commenting on is none other than my mother. However, to working mums, this is out of the questions. If you are handling a job which requires a lot of planning and implementation everyday, it’s never possible to have a perfect squeaky clean house with no dust.

That’s where innovation come in like robots vacuum cleaners…but ultimately, nothing is cleaner than manual housework. Just that the effort is many times bigger!

My eldest one has started to help me with the housework these days. As much as I do not want to burden her with housework, she told me that in school, she learnt that she must help me with housework. How to reject her? Hee... #blog

A little training for my girl. Hope when the kids grow up, they can help in housework too…very familiar, right? When asked to do housework when I was young….

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A-Z April Challenge: G

G-I shall say it’s Gracious.

It is hard to define what is grace. However, in God’s kingdom, grace means he gave His Son to us for our salvation.

In this modern world, I have nothing to give to others for salvation.

What I can do is to treat people with kind words and kind actions. I see that in the working world, some colleagues can talk harshly to others and it can be painful to the person who is hearing it. I am not someone who will go and correct people but sometimes, I need to use a bit of sarcasm to hint to the person that she/he is too harsh. On the other hand, I will comfort the person and not to think too much of the words being used. It can be hard for the person to forget. Being myself, I would talk my way out into another perspective for the person to see.

I am a person with a lot of internal thoughts. Introverts are good at that. Right?

Whatever it is, at the end of the day, my joy is getting people to see the other side of life. Once they see it, and make their day great, I felt good too!




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A-Z April Challenge: F

F- failure

Failure is the mother to success.

A quote which I used often to motivate my students.

Frankly speaking, I experienced this myself and I believe that with determination and effort, anyone can turn failure into success. Failure allows us to re-look into the whole situation, analyse what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. It allows us to learn and look from another perspective. It might not be a bad thing at all.

I have found that most parents 💖 to protect their children. It’s right but not to the extreme. They became helicopter parents. Always hovering round their children and defend them when they got bullied or come to their rescue when they need help.

As a mother, I let my kids explore. I do not restrain them. In fact, I only told them the safety boundaries and if they happen to go out of it, any consequence, they would have to face it. I like them to learn from mistakes and try not to let it happen again. This also applies to their academics. I do not send them for tuition classes, as long as they are able to resolve it with their teachers and keep their grades within A,B,C….I am contented.




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A-Z April Challenge: E

Ok, I am indeed backlogged by many alphabets. I am trying to catch up during the weekend. Initially, I have wanted to plan a week ahead to post it, but sometimes, you know, in work, anything urgent can surface and you need to settle it. If don’t the pile just don’t stop increasing.

Well, today’s letter E is for energy. However, I have nothing to put it up to illustrate on energy. As a mother, I need abundance or should I say lots and lots of energy to burn just to carry out my role as a mother, wife, daughter, educator, grandchild, counsellor, mentor, to many different people? Sometimes, I have to help me husband with his accounts, but thankfully, he would have settle it.

Energy- is precious. It keeps me sane, it keeps me active.

Oh yes, several things recharges me…this is one that recharge me most of the time, but not to be taken late at night.

My energy

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A-Z April Challenge: D

D- Dad

This dad of our children really holds his responsibility well. He makes sure that all of us are well, taken care of and brings the bacon home.

He has always been there for most of the important milestones that the children celebrated like their 1st year birthday, their graduation ceremony from kindergarten, the childcare centres when they are having their mini performances.

The children looked upon him as a fatherly figure and listens to him obediently. Though sometimes he disciplines and is extremely stern with them, the kids will still look for him or wait for him during meal times. This dad is also a softie at heart, flexible and lovingly too. 

Hence, shall dedicate the letter D – dad.
Just us//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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A-Z April Challenge: Children

At this point of time, there are many things happen simultaneously that I can use C to represent. For example, class, challenges, car….

But for this A-Z April Challenge, I decide to get C to represent children.

Honestly speaking, motherhood is something which I have never though of when I was much younger. Back then, I just wanted to climb the corporate ladder and be a successful lady with much vibes then. However, all these were lost with an ultrasound scan and a little yolk-sac hanging in it. What’s worse, it was a threatened abortion. A special kind of feeling dawned on me then, and a voice asking me to keep it safe and sound. I felt wanting to protect this little life in me and found that humans are amazing as we can reproduce.

It was also at this instance, especially when the child is born, I felt how my mother would have felt if the child did something which is disproving and again, the mother instinct to protect her children just set in.

I learnt a lot from my children. Especially the way they think and try to reason with us on certain matters. Their perspective can be so outright reasonable, yet with a little cheekiness in it. I also re-learn Maths, English and Mandarin as I have to guide my child in her homework and re-playing the games I 💖 to play as a child.

It’s the golden period now…and I wish they never grow up…..

Playful kids

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A-Z April Challenge: B- Bonding

Today’s B stands for bonding.

I always believe bonding makes a family more close knitted and creates better relationships.

So for my family, I always make it a point or set a day to have meals with my loved ones. Especially with my hubby around since he can be called to work anytime.

Fridays night are set aside for it, however, we may change to Saturday or Sunday at times due to his work schedule. I just wanted the kids to be assured and know that we, parents make it a point to eat with them.

Sometimes, it can be meals at the airport, at a coffeeshop or even at home. As you can see from the picture below, hubby still in the midst of a conversation with a client while having meals. Perhaps, next time, shall make him off his phone so that we can have better conversations through this bonding activity.


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A-Z April Challenge 2016: April

A- April!


Lately, many things have happened to me and I would like April to be a month of new beginnings and starting things afresh.

April is always the start of our academic month of the year and is always considered the end of planning and the starting of the implementation. This year, April marks a new beginning of my CET running as well as starting relationships afresh. While all these are being lined up for the new beginning, I would also like to relate a bit of my holland lop whom have passed away this morning. I don’t know if it’s meant to be an April Fool’s joke but the death hit onto my daughter real hard and till now, she could not really accept her passing.

Tomorrow is gonna be better, right? Cheers!!

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