Half a year gone

Just when everything settled down and I can have more time for hobbies, a myriad of to do lists just came swarming by and I have been trying to clear it one by one but to no avail.

And 1/2 a year has passed and I could not appreciate the fine beauties or moments in life. It just zap and zap the time away. 😖

Recently, I heard of an analogy of toilet paper. It depicts one’s life.

When you start to use a new toilet roll, it rolls slowly, just like when we were young, we find that time pass very slowly. When the toilet roll is running out, it turns fast… again, in life, when we are at the older stage, time pass very fast.

Upon hearing it, I just could not agree more!

Cherish your moments in life and slow down to smell the roses. 🌹

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