Meant to….

I meant to do a little post yesterday, but I did not realise it’s already Saturday. Pretty much busy the whole day and it was tiring. Had claypot dinner with the hub and kids.

Ien was so cute. The minute he took a spoonful of the claypot rice, he spat out. Why? Because there was salted fish and taiwan sausage in the rice. He disliked these two ingredients. Hub then bought him prawn noodles soup to eat.

I am pretty much a happy woman tonight! Hub gave me his Macbook Pro~ old version. Though it’s a second hand, but it will serve me well as I have tonnes of photos to import and organise. Came on time as the mini macbook’s screen was going to give up. Right now, I am still importing photos…..well, it’s gonna take some time for over 30000 photos and videos in my iphone. :X

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