Out of the Vox: Into half

An interesting conversation which happened while I was at the doc with my Ien.

Nowadays, I have to keep a MC- child care sick leave (for myself as company may need it for reference) so I requested for a duplicate but it took some time.

So when I finally got it and was on the way out of the clinic, Ien spoke.

Ien: “so you got the MC?”.

Me: “yeah for work, just in case they want to see it.

Ien: “Cut it into half, can right?”

Me: “How can? The name and BC won’t be reflected and for what should I cut the MC?”

Boy grinned. 🙄

Ien: ” You are going to Sheng Siong right? I go with you to buy grape juice, doc said can drink.”

Apparently when the doc was giving advice to him what can he eat or drink, he said no dairy products. Ien knew I forbade him to take sweetened drinks so he took the opportunity to ask the doc if grape juice was allowed and he was granted so.

Kids nowadays ah….. 😨

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