Out of the Vox: No money

While the older siblings were having their lessons, this little boy got to hang out with me for like two hours. We went to the supermarket where some succulents were on sale and I just wanted to check it out.

When we were nearing the section, this little Ien said, “Mum, I know what you want, are you going to buy plants? You just bought some plants, you know?” (Before that, I went to purchase some airplants).

Me: “yes, yes, I bought plants, but now, I am just checking succulents out”.

“Ien: ” I know what you are thinking, Mum.., or are you getting some sprays for the plants? Every Xmas, you can get some plants for yourself”.

Me: “yeah, you can give me plants for present”.

Half an hour later……

So while we went to the shopping mall to do some window shopping, he told me there were nice decks of Buddyfight cards he wanted to buy. Beat around the bush and finally, I got the three kids three packets of cards so that they can share. He was so happy and you can really see the grin on his face. However, I told him, after spending those money, I have no more money. Ien told me, you can just go to the ATM and money will come out of it. I told him, no…. without working, we will have no money. He was feeling sad and perhaps guilty at that moment. He told me he will try to save his pocket money tomorrow so that he can return me some money. This was where I took the picture of him looking sad!

He is so cute and innocent. Really hearts him a lot. Oh yes, you have to see his grinning face whenever he gets his way through with us!

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