Aloysius Pang

The last few days, the media has been trending on Aloysius Pang’s death.

When I first heard of the news, I was in school and back then, I did not know what happened exactly. All I knew was that he was going for his 2nd surgery. It was only towards the late evening that I read that he got into an accident while doing repairing works in New Zealand. Next day, I read that he was going for his third surgery and very soon… his deteriorating status and his death.

His death- was not I expected as he was still young at 28 years old. Healthy, optimistic young man…. I still was in denial and asked if it was a joke. Well, news began to broadcast of his death and even social media… okie.. it’s truth after all.

I have watched his shows ever since he came back to showbiz and I must say that his acting was getting better and better. It is really heartbreaking and he does not deserve to go yet. But nevertheless, GOD may have better plans for him.

Rest in peace Aloysius! You will always be missed and well-loved by us!

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