20 vs 30 vs 40 vs 50

While teaching Professional Practice and came across a topic on death… the quality of life… it really is a perspective which relates to age very much. When I was 20, I did not think much but just looking into a new chapter of discovery of life, setting up family, having my own house, crafting a career. When I was 30, it was all about breast milk vs formula feeding, checking out milestones of kids and yes, career is still a part and parcel of life. Hearing from friends about their 40s lifestyle… it seems that everything is all about families and death…. kids are still the topic but less emphasis. Career- have or not is less of a priority as long as one is contented and enough to sustain the family. Those in their 50s are more of finding a niche in the family, hoping their children have more time for them and also having more of their “me” time, re-discovering of new interests, etc and social life. Career is nothing coz that’s also the time where organisation will not place much emphasis on this category of workers.

Life- focus on your family. Focus on yourselves. Work is work, no one is indispensable. At the end of the career, it’s your family whom you want to spend time with. If most part of your family life is spent on work, your family members will not see you as being part of their life.

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