Night thoughts

How I wish I can finish reading up my papers and write my 6000 words assignment. Complete it and that is it. I want to simply enjoy my nov-jan months as it consists of anniversaries, birthdays and Xmas + new year day!

Taking a distance learning programme is definitely tough. Though everyone will think it’s relatively easy but the discipline part is the toughest. No contact hours but requires you to read up articles per week and well, the most dreadful thing is when you fall sick (which currently I am nursing a flu) and the deadline is just 8 days away.

I have emailed my lecturer to inform him about the state I am in. Feeling a bit feverish and a painful throat. I am prepared to lost the 5% of the marks but I am really too tired to read through the night. *dismayed* but what Can I do? Housework+ kids minding+work just suck my energy away.

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