Milestone achievement

Young DN has officially graduated from his kindergarten and I have no more young ones in the kindy system. Time flies actually, to see your kids growing up every day. No wonder, friends have been telling me that it’s worthwhile to spend time with your kids when they are below 7 years old. As parents, we should be playing with them, rather than letting them playing by themselves, with us supervising their play. We should not be around them, but present in their lives with them so that they will remember us when they grow older.

I actually do agree with this statement.
I once read a story of how a child who spent his childhood in childcare and when he grew up, he put both his parents in day care. The reason for him putting them in daycare(even though he could afford a helper to tend to their needs) was that he has no time to care for them. That was the same view expressed by his parents when he was a child.

Nevertheless, DN performed his best today and we were delighted with the performance from the children. I did not expect it to be so grand.

DN on the stage receiving his certificate.

Receiving his cert



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