Prompt of the Day: Risky

In this chaotic world, I guess it is counted as a blessing when we are still able to wake up from sleep, breathe in fresh air and move from the bed. It is also a blessing to return home safely to be with family.

As the world becomes more risky to live, it is really counting our lucky stars to be able to live, enjoy our lives.

You never know when one gets knock down by a car even if the person has abide by the traffic rules as a pedestrian but the car is driven by a careless driver….

You never know when a person gets choke on food while eating….

You never know when one gets stalked by a stranger, living in fear and might risk losing their lives…

There are many many….”you never know”….

Today, I saw one of the patients who was in her late 40s and came in because of out of hospital VF during a conference. Before that, she was having seizure like symptoms (which is typically one sign exhibited by someone who have VF. She was shocked twice but along the way to hospital, developed PEA.

To cut the story short, even though she has been “saved”, she laid there, blinking her eyes but could not talk, could not hold her bladder or express any emotions. Drs were discussing home care for the patient since her current status requires a full time care-giver.

See….you never know….it’s that risky.

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