Out of the Vox: alligator

On Monday night, while preparing for the kiddos to sleep, we had a little short conversation.

Vel: “Mummy, I am planning to write a story and will put your name Ally (short form) as my main person, ok?”

Me: “Ok”.

So she pointed Ally on the piece of paper….

Ien: “alli… stands for alligator!”

Vel: “What?! That’s mummy’s name, you know?”

Ien: “It’s Alli ma… so alligator…”

I was looking at him sternly and he became afraid.

Me: “why did you make fun of my name?”

Ien: “But it’s alli ma…”

Vel and Dson were laughing at the back.

Me: “okie, it’s correct that alligator starts with alli, don’t cry ok?”

Ien: “okie Mummy, I am sorry.”

This sonny of mine is so random… but I heart him lots!

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