Daily Prompt: Overcome

Everything about me is fine except for a few shortcomings that I need to overcome. I bet, my husband agrees to this very point.

  • procrastinate my work tasks
  • always keep quiet till the last minute when things don’t go well as planned
  • not a very good listener at times

The last bullet is usually to person like my hubby. I tend to take him for granted at times and thought that my presence felt will be good enough for him. But I realised that is not what he wants. He wanted me to give my opinions, listen to him 100% and not made myself as though I am invisible at times. This, I am working hard now to listen.

People who worked with me thinks that I am too cool as a cucumber at times,  good to work with since I don’t blast out usually. However, there are many things that need to sound out when things don’t go well as planned. I reflected on this point many times….and yeah, I should point out as early as possible if the gut feel is not right. I tend to work based on my gut feel. Even when I know something is gonna be wrong, I will try to reverse the situation or seek alternatives rather than telling another person about it.

Last point, procrastination. I guess many of us procrastinate everyday. From the moment we woke up, we tried to delay tasks on hands till the last minute and this ties in very well with the point I was elaborating about in the last paragraph.

All these bad habits of mine can be overcome!

I believe I can do it…..

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