I just finished my zoom chat with my Prof from Australia. This is my first time using Zoom to meet online and well, it was rather interesting to see my fellow classmates, but only got to see one with video on. The rest either were at work or have switched off their videos.

The meeting started at 3pm, 5pm in Australia. When I started, I have forgotten to put it on mute and my child’s voice and even the dogs bark were captured. It was such a epic moment when my online classmate, Julia commented about the puppies barking away…

The last time I had a meeting online was using Collaborate One… but the university decided to switch to Zoom.

This is for my independent study unit and I have to say it is quite tough. I have to search for articles to conduct a literature review before embarking on my clinical project next semester. :/

Well, Master, Master… I hope to see you soon next year!

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