Academic work

Lately, my eldest had completed her continuous assessment for Term 3 and the results she gotten was not as what I expected to be, but nevertheless, she showed improvement.

As a mom, I felt guilty as I have not been spending time with her doing her homework. I let her play as I felt that childhood should be more better spent having fun. All this while, I have this mentality. I know I am right in my own parenting. However, with the results that she had, I thought it would be more better to focus on her studies rather than play. Especially so when next year is her streaming exam.

I got a tutor for her, so that someone would be able to help me to guide and monitor her progress. I very much wanted to coach her studies but it is impossible to do so, especially when I had my studies to cope with and to teach the younger ones in their work.

Reflection of the day: to spend at least 45 mins of my time with her to do her homework.

I guess it’s doable….and well, I have to think of ways to entertain the younger siblings till their turn for their study.


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