Planners- do you have one?

I have always love Kikki K products and adored their shop front very much. Recently, I went to one of their outlets, hoping to get a weekly planner. After browsing for like 1/2 hour and approaching their staff to ask for the weekly planner I want very much, to my disappointment, there isn’t such weekly planner. This weekly planner is either you buy for one whole year of time planner, which obviously, is going for $3/ as a sale item but the contents which I can utilize is left with a shelf life of 6 more months. The rest of the monthly view, I don’t need it at all. So even for $3, I do not want to spend that amount of money on it.

It’s so hard to get an ideal planner refills- current ones don’t suit my styles at all. I went to one of the scrap-booking store and found out My Prima Planner, but it’s too much graphics and looks complicated, though I do love some of the fans’ work.  MPH, The Times bookshops carries planners though but it’s too professional to my taste and expensive.

Well, I still love those Sanrio ones from Japan…but too kiddish to bring to work.

I was thinking of designing the pages myself but it’s gonna be a lot of work…guess I am gonna get the Kikki ones back then.

Till then.




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