I have been busy with work that I sort of neglected my blog. 

However, I still think about blogging every now and then but I was too tired or should I say lazy to get blogging.

Ever since the last time, I updated my blog in April, May was one huge hectic month with teaching and assignments to submit. I am glad to say that I am left with two essay to submit and 1 exam to complete currently. Though the datelines are near, I vow to finish it by then. 

Next week is a little mid semester break for me. I hope by then I have completed my 500 words assignment and my exam. This Friday, my 2500 words assignment is due though! Anyway, to carry on, next week, I am gonna bring the kids out for some excursion. To the bird park, to the zoo! At least some time spent with the kiddos before the sem starts again in two weeks time.

Till then. 

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