Daily Post: Controversy

The latest screening “Beauty and the Beast” has been a hot topic in twitter and also my friends. My friends were so happy that they have make it a point to watch during their off days. While they were excited, I was not. 

Firstly, Not all Disney Princess stories make an impression on me. I prefer stories like Frozen – sister’s 💖, Mulan- Filial piety, Rapunzel- strong willed girl, Little Mermaid- who dares to trade her voice for a pair of legs. Princesses who are strong willed, not a weakling girl. 

Well, currently there is a controversy on the content of Beauty and the Beast…. there are parents who worry about “lesbian/gay content” in the show and don’t wish the children to be exposed to.  Because of its content, certain countries even barred its screening. 

I cannot really comment much as I will not be watching this movie. But perhaps, for parents who worry, it will be good to watch first and see whether you gather any learning points from the show. If yes, you may want to use it as a form of learning point to your kid. After all, kids in this era are growing and maturing very fast. 
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