Daily Prompt: Instinct

My mom used to have very good judgement of my dad’s group of friends. It was so accurate to the spot. She was able to tell him what kind of friend is the friend and most of the time, it proved her right.

I inherited this instinct from her. I call it my gut feel. Friends or colleagues I made, I will use this instinct to determine to be friends with her or not and most of the time, it is accurate. However, I ended up with a small social circle of friends who are genuine and always be by my side.

But, because of this small social circle, sometimes, I yearn to open up more. However, I am afraid of being stabbed or being used by friends for their ulterior motive. These are based on past experience where I ignored my instinct and made friends who were fake and only nice to you when you are around kind.

This particular gift I have is from my mum. I thanked her for that.


Via Daily Prompt: Instinct

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