Daily Prompt: Immerse

I always remembered the times that my dad brought me and some cousins to the swimming pool and I was like maybe, 6 years old that time. My dad used to ask me to learn swimming and he would ask me to kick my legs in the water. I do not have the composure to do it and would give up a short while.

After that, there was once, he asked me to immerse myself into the water which I did.

However, I need to learn how to keep air in me so that I would hold it in the water. A few times I did that and suddenly, I just let go of the air in water and inhale water into my nose.

From then on, I decided not to touch water any more again as it’s always associated with the bad feeling from the past.

Recently, I went into the pool again. This is because my kids love water super much and for safety purpose, I decided to be with them, just in case something happens. But I ain’t any swimmer myself. It’s just a 1.2m pool and at the same time, I am trying to overcome my water phobia by immersing into it.

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  1. Keep trying and little by little you will relax and feel more comfortable. I would ask what safety you could be to your children if you don’t learn to swim, but that might make you more afraid.

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