Daily Prompt: How many Records in this life time?

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Birth record

School Record Book

Health Record Book

Academic Record

Work Record

Financial Record

Marriage Record

Death Record

The list is never ending as they may be other records which usually may not happen in the life time.

Eg. Criminal records, traffic records etc.

From womb to tomb, our life journey has so many records that we have to keep track of. The minute a baby is born, a birth record! A first of its own to indicate she/he is a child of a couple- people who may have interesting life stories to share….

As the baby grows older, the record will be inked up to state how he/she has been performing in terms of school work or health…and this progress to other records in the later half of the journey.

Truthfully said, it can be very fulfilling to the person who got good records and these back up the successful family or career life the person is having.

On the other hand, records are worst for person who may not have achieved much in life, scored the lowest and being picked on for having a bad record.

Life is really about record. Some can be recorded, some not at all.

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  1. Thank you for such a telling post, what your post made me realise is that we willing adhere to giving these records of our lives.
    Some records are essential and may be useful but some may be very depressing. If you have a bad credit rating it can be a constant reminder that you can not manage your finances.

    1. That is true. We are marked by our records. In the first place, records are made by humans. Society views this as an important document and based on this, marks us. But is it really measuring our strengths and weaknesses? Not really as we have our good performance timing but may not get recognised – let’s just say, bad timing.

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