It’s been long

The past week has been a hectic week. Not only was I trying to push all the materials I need to review out, I was also trying to print out my study materials as I realised that I am lagging behind once again. 1.5 weeks to be exact, hence I am trying to catch up during the weekend and my long awaited 1 week AL. At least there is a consolation.

The week has also been a test of my patience and well, work wise, something happened and it just triggered the button in me and perhaps, the belief in my friendship with one of my BFF was tested. However, it took me two days to cool down and in a way, it might never been her fault either as this was work concerned. I went to see my own manager and spoke to him about it. Though it really did not improve much physically, but the need to talk to someone higher up there was met and hopefully, my points went across. My group of close colleagues were quite affected and hope nothing serious and perhaps, talk to my BFF again.

I did. After all, our friendship has been very long since 2001.

I am quite apprehensive of these upcoming months. I am uncertain as there seems to be a lot of work coming up but I just can’t see it physically yet.


At the same time, I am sort of facing a mid-life work crisis. Leave or don’t… I have to thread on this rather carefully. Part of me want to go back but the other half of me is in the comfort zone. But after getting some answer today, it might be better to stay put first. Who knows? I may not need to work in the near future? 😀

Till then…..

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