I have been wanting to blog about this for so long, and I think it’s high time I have to let it off my mind. 

I love technology. But it is fast replacing many things in our daily lives. Too fast I should say. 

Below are the examples of what is happening to our simple family life.

1) In the past, grocery shopping was a weekly affair, it was something the whole family enjoyed as we could marvelled over the items that we saw on the shelves, we also did some food tasting that the promoters have made and insisted that we tried the food. It got the kids super excited. However, with e-commerce that is popular in Singapore now, the weekly grocery shopping has reduced to like a twice a month affair. It’s convenient to shop online and I do not need to carry the heavy stuff back home since the delivery is free of charge. Plus, hub and I have a super busy work schedule when the peak period comes.

2) Going to fast food restaurant nowadays is a breeze with shorter queues and sometimes, I ran out of cash, there is always the nets terminal to use. I especially like the ordering app on the panel without going to the counter. We get to sit down while waiting for our food to be ready. 

3) Banking is 24 hours nowadays. Same thing, no need to queue and most of the times, we can do internet banking on our mobile phones and settle our issues very fast.

4) We can attend classes online without being physically present in the school. We can do our online examinations and complete the course and get our certificates.
5) Healthcare gets online too, with all our information in the computer systems, even communication between doc and nurses can be over the laptop. Sometimes, it’s the machines that alert the healthcare workers. When the medical devices becomes smarter, some of the normal routines that we usually does, e.g. Taking vital signs, are taken via the sensor in the device. 

6) With the introduction of the e-scooter, human beings no longer need to walk much (our family don’t use this though)

7) Sometime, even we are in the house, we tend to text than talk to one another.

Well, no doubt technology reduces a lot of manpower and time, it takes away that basic aspect of a human- physical communication.

How will our future be like? 

I can imagine a few scenarios.

1) all of us will use our phones to communicate  , the world will be quieter. This will occur in group meetings or even when the parties are present physically. 

2) in future generation, more singles as the people by then may not know how to communicate effectively and there is not a need to start a family. They ๐Ÿ’– their devices than their partners if they have.

3) Driverless transports

4) No more schools as students can study at home via e-learning

5) millions of jobs will be slashed. Unless you are an engineer, a doctor, a scientist or nurse. There is no need for receptionist since the automated counter can churn out queue ticket to see specific person. Financial dept can make use of fiscal tools, no need for finance assistants. Restaurants do not need waiter or waitress since customers can order via tablets. 

6) no more shopping centres

7) most of the times, we will be at home doing work. E.g. Meeting via online, teaching via online…

8) our homes will be smart! With the control of our remote or movement, the light can be controlled, aircon temperature be adjusted without moving your butt. 

9) no more sports, as we can make use of Wii to participate in events and can even form groups to join in competition. 

10) people may not need to visit the GP in the clinic. They just need to on their laptop/ tablets, consult the doctor online and while, bingo, the medication will be delivered to their doorstep. 

There are many many possibilities, some of them which I mentioned has already been implemented. 

Some of the questions I have are , 

1) with the use of so much power, won’t it be damaging to the earth? Global warming is a big concern here.

2)  Secondly, what is there is a major electricity shut down? 

3) Thirdly, I am sure a lot of our private data are kept “online”, it is risky since many hacks are going on. There is accountability and tracking of all things done. 

4) By then, will Normophobia be still a medical diagnosis? Since daily lives involved the use of mobile technology? Will people who don’t use mobile technology be seen as the odd one out? This is something very interesting to look at. 

5) people generally will get more chronic diseases as there is less physical activity to do. They do not need to go out to buy things, when they order online, perhaps a robotic personnel will deliver instead.

Well, jobs that involve data analytics, cyber security, IT forensics, IT engineers are important in the future. Without them, the whole world will be in chaos. 

There are many more to say, but well, the post is getting long.  Any opinions, welcome you to share yours. After all, this is my view from my current perspective. There may be readers that can enlighten me on the impact of technology.

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