Excited for something new 

This year, I have decided on something that I have longed wanted to do but children, work and perhaps money has prevented me from meeting this goal. 

In the new year, I was really praying hard for a road ahead. At first, it does not seemed clear to me. It was those dilly dally moments that I felt hesitant to step out of that shell. However on 18 Jan, my chihuahua Fawn had decided to go and meet her daughter at the rainbow bridge. It stirred up feelings of the times that I wanted to do something for the animals… a pet cafe, a pet day care centre… but Alas, I did not go ahead as wished as I know I would have no time to commit unless I quit from my job. 

I guess, I shall start small and see how it goes. Hopefully it would be a good year for me and yes, I want to make it this time round. 
Okie dokie.. just want to share my excitability before I go and sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day! Goodnight everyone! 

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