Daily Prompt: Cake

Cakes has always been part and parcel of everyone’s life that almost all of us have ever got a cake to celebrate happy occasions like birthdays, promotion, baby showers, and more. 

To me, I πŸ’– cakes which look artsy or decorative. It makes me happy and it just brings me back to childhood times. I remembered that I always πŸ’– to have cakes and celebrate my birthday- but when I was pretty younger, my parents did not really celebrate as they felt that it was more of a western approach. But when I started to have my earnings, I made it a point to celebrate birthdays, even for my parents. 

Now, with my kids birthday, I get to buy cakes. Usually I don’t custom make, unless it’s a significant milestone, like baby shower or 13 years old… 
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Fanciful or colorful cakes just make my day easier to breathe and appreciate it. 

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