Daily Prompt: Fierce

People who sees me first glance or first encounter with me usually sees me as an unfriendly or stern woman whom they prefer not to mess with. It is always a bitter sweet experience for me because it meant several things to me.

First of all, when it comes to work- this impression is good, as it means getting into serious business and gets work done quickly. However, these colleagues do not see a quirky side of me and they tend to treat me as superficial and not a person who they can be friends with.

When it comes to friendship, like I mentioned previously, it’s hard for me to get to know new friends or colleagues because the fierceness in me frightens them to death.

Trust me, I am the most quiet person around , most contented and never lost my temper so far unless someone steps on my tail. 

Sometimes, I wish I have a smiling face which my dad has. But I guessed I took more of my mum’s facial expression thus, even with smile- I still look frightening to some people. It’s like “hey, she is smiling, but I think there is something more than that…”

Well, a colleague of mine told me that I have the resting bitch face… Well… What can I say? 
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    1. Hi Elsie, thanks for that! 🙂 I have been checking out your blog and I must say I miss your personal touch / blog of your life. Perhaps I am someone who likes being in touch with knowing people more. Hope to see that coming in. 😉

      1. Nice to know you enjoy my personal touch, I will have to think about that comment, I have got wrapped up in tanka poetry lately, wonder if there are more readers like you.

  1. Your colleague has an active bitch tongue. You have a very nice, friendly face, judging by your photo. You’re smiling in your photo, though. Smile more if you want to look approachable, or don’t if you don’t want to look approachable. Easy fix!

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