End of course run

A load off my chest! The second part of the course is done! What is left are all the markings of the work done.

I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks. Besides having the leisure time to mark the assignments and trying to conclude the whole module, I shall plan for a little time off by taking a few days of leave to rejuvenate myself and also to prepare for my own coursework as I am lagging behind by weeks, not days. A little stress on that, though.

The haze is back and the weather looks gloomy to me. The air is not clean and I can smell the burning that is in the air that it cause me to have some slight cough and sensitive nose. Hopefully, the authorities can solve the issue fast. It also coincides with the 7th month, the Chinese Lunar Ghost month and burning of joss sticks and joss papers are everywhere and makes the environment worse. Best thing is that the last day of the Lunar month is coming to a close, which is on Monday and I guess there will be more poisoning to the general population.

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