Daily Prompt: Witness

Here I am, trying to get back my regular blogging mojo.

Getting myself participating in the daily prompt should motivate me, I guess. The topic today is witness.

The only time I am being a witness is when it is signing documents or taking consent by other people.

As a nurse, patients who are undergoing procedures or operation will have to take their consent by the doctors and the nurse, being the witness.

It’s not an easy job to do as most people think. It’s not simply standing in front and see what they are doing. Basically, we have to listen to the conversation and the correct patient is identified before taking the consent. Once that is done, the type of procedure/operation will have to be explained to the patient and the risks that are involved. After consent is taken, the nurse have to verify and check that the patient understood what type of procedure/operation and the risks involved.

Being witness isn’t just being present but to make sure that the proper information and process is adhered to and that the patient is not being coerced or in a confused state to give consent.

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