Out of the Vox: smart boy

Conversation with my Darling Ien.Me: “right, go and bathe now and well, I have to off the tv”.
Ien: *sulks big time and threaten to cry”
Me: “let the tv rest and after that I let you watch an episode of Oggy”.
Ien goes bathe unwillingly.
In the bathroom
Ien: “Mum, I know you won’t on the tv later for me. Because it’s going to be bed time, right?”
Me: *taken back by his answer- “how do you know?”
Ien: “you said so, so that I won’t cry”.
Me: *speechless* *lol in my heart”
Sometimes he just gives me unexpected answers.

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    1. Yes, everyday is a learning journey.
      I have always thought we learnt enough as adults, but each path we undertake, we see more and more and gained experience.

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